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7 Post author: Bound_up 11 August 2017 06:28PM

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Comment author: tadasdatys 12 August 2017 06:36:39AM 0 points [-]

Sure, and if X really is the best approximation of Y that Bob can understand, then again Alice is not dishonest. Although I'm not sure what "approximation" means exactly.

But there is also a case where Alice tells Bob that "X is true", not because X is somehow close to Y, but because, supposedly, X and Y both imply some Z. This is again a very different case. I think this is just pure and simple lying. That is, the vast majority of lies ever told fall into this category (for example, Z could be "you shouldn't jail me", X could be "I didn't kill anyone" and Y could be "sure, I killed someone, but I promise I won't do it again").

In general, the problem is that you didn't give specific examples, so I don't really know what case you're referring to.