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5 Post author: Stuart_Armstrong 31 August 2017 01:44PM

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Comment author: Stuart_Armstrong 01 September 2017 01:23:17PM 3 points [-]

If I were a professional philosopher working in anthropic reasoning, I don't see how I can justify not taking a paper about anthropic reasoning seriously

Depends on how many cranks there are in anthropic reasoning (lots) and how many semi-serious people post ideas that have already been addressed or refuted in papers already (in philosophy in general, this is huge; in anthropic reasoning, I'm not sure).

Comment author: Wei_Dai 01 September 2017 05:10:58PM *  0 points [-]

Lots of places attract cranks and semi-serious people, including the crypto forums I mentioned, LW, and everything-list which was a mailing list I created to discuss anthropic reasoning as one of the main topics, and they're not that hard to deal with. Basically it doesn't take a lot of effort to detect cranks and previously addressed ideas, and everyone can ignore the cranks and the more experienced hobbyists can educate the less experienced hobbyists.

EDIT: For anyone reading this, the discussion continues here.

Comment author: Stuart_Armstrong 02 September 2017 06:23:45PM 0 points [-]

Basically it doesn't take a lot of effort to detect cranks and previously addressed ideas

This is news to me. Encouraging news.

Comment author: turchin 02 September 2017 12:11:01PM *  0 points [-]

If specially dedicated journal for anthropic reasoning exists (or say for AI risks and other x-risks), it will probably improve quality of peer review and research? Or it will be no morŅƒ useful than Lesswrong?