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0 Post author: curi 22 November 2017 09:16PM

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Comment author: ChristianKl 03 December 2017 03:40:56PM *  0 points [-]

I have no reason for me to believe that Curi is among the people who's a really good philosopher.

Popper might have said useful things given his time but he's dead. I won't read from Popper about what he thinks about the development of the No Free Lunch theorem and ideas that came up after he died.

Barry Smith would be an example of a person that I like and where it's worth to spend more time reading more of his work. His work of applied ontology actually matters for real world decision making and knowledge modeling.

Reading more from Judea Pearl (who by the way supervised Ilya Shpitser's Phd) is also on my long-term philosophic reading list.