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0 Post author: Fallibilist 06 December 2017 05:26PM

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Comment author: entirelyuseless 11 December 2017 12:57:23AM 0 points [-]

Can we agree that I am not trying to prosthelytize anyone?

No, I do not agree. You have been trying to proselytize people from the beginning and are still doing trying.

(2) Claiming authority or pointing skyward to an authority is not a road to truth.

This is why you need to stop pointing to "Critical Rationalism" etc. as the road to truth.

I also think claims to truth should not be watered down for social reasons. That is to disrespect the truth. People can mistake not watering down the truth for religious fervour and arrogance.

First, you are wrong. You should not mention truths that it is harmful to mention in situations where it is harmful to mention them. Second, you are not "not watering down the truth". You are making many nonsensical and erroneous claims and presenting them as though they were a unified system of absolute truth. This is quite definitely proselytism.

Comment author: Fallibilist 11 December 2017 10:22:26AM 0 points [-]

Yes, there are situations were it can be harmful to state the truth. But there is a common social problem where people do not say what they think or water it down for fear of causing offense. Or because they are looking to gain status. That was the context.

The truth that curi and myself are trying to get across to people here is that you are doing AI wrong and are wasting your lives. We are willing to be ridiculed for stating that but it is the unvarnished truth. AI has been stuck in a rut for decades with no progress. People kid themselves that the latest shiny toy like Alpha Zero is progress but it is not.

AI research has bad epistemology at its heart and this is holding back AI in the same way that quantum physics was held back by bad epistemology. David Deutsch had a substantial role in clearing that problem up in QM (although there are many who still do not accept multiple universes). He needed the epistemology of CR to do that. See The Fabric of Reality.

Curi, Deutsch, and myself know far more about epistemology than you. That again is an unvarnished truth. We are saying we have ideas that can help get AI moving. In particular CR. You are blinded by things you think are so but that cannot be. The myth of Induction for one.

AI is blocked -- you have to consider that some of your deeply held ideas are false. How many more decades do you want to waste? These problems are too urgent for that.

Comment author: Lumifer 11 December 2017 03:30:03PM *  2 points [-]

The truth that curi and myself are trying to get across to people here is... it is the unvarnished truth... know far more about epistemology than you. That again is an unvarnished truth

In which way all these statements are different from claiming that Jesus is Life Everlasting and that Jesus dying for our sins is an unvarnished truth?

Lots of people claim to have access to Truth -- what makes you special?