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Teaching rationality in a lyceum

1 Post author: Hafurelus 06 December 2017 04:57PM

There is one lyceum in Irkutsk(Siberia) that is allowed to form its own study curriculum (it is quite rare in Russia). For example, there was a subject where we were watching the lectures of a famous speaking coach. In retrospect, this course turned out to be quite useful.

In light of this opportunity to create new subjects, I thought "What if I introduce them to the idea of teaching Rationality?"
Tomorrow (8th Dec) I meet with a principal and we discuss the idea of teaching critical thinking, cognitive biases and the like.

There are several questions I want to ask:

1. This idea definitely was considered before. Were there any cases of it being implemented? If so, is there any statistics about its efficiency?

2. Are there any shareable materials regarding this issue? For example, course structures of similar projects.

3. The principal will likely be curious about what authorities back this idea. If you approve it and are someone recognizable, I would be glad if you told me about it.

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Comment author: Manfred 07 December 2017 05:12:01PM 0 points [-]

This site isn't too active - maybe email someone from CFAR directly?

Comment author: Hafurelus 07 December 2017 07:06:35PM 0 points [-]

I've mailed CFAR (contact@rationality.org) or should I have mailed people directly?

Comment author: IlyaShpitser 06 December 2017 05:06:54PM *  0 points [-]


(This is not "Yudkowskian Rationality"<tm> though.)