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The Promoted Posts and the Metaethics sequence now available in audio

16 Rick_from_Castify 03 June 2014 02:00AM

We are proud to announce audio versions of the Less Wrong Promoted Posts and the Metaethics major sequence, both now available via a Castify Podcast.

The Less Wrong Promoted Posts feed will have every new promoted post which has been tagged with the Creative Commons Attribution License.  We'll aim to have them read and to you via the podcast within 48 hours.  We've found this to be a good way to keep up with Less Wrong, especially for longer articles like last month's interesting long-form post called "A Dialouge on Doublethink" by BrienneStrohl.

The Metaethics Sequence is the next installment of the sequences we've produced into audio.  We now have 7 Less Wrong sequences in audio, with more on their way. 

As always we appreciate your support and your feedback: support@castify.co.



Promoted Posts Subscription: http://castify.co/channels/51-less-wrong

Metaethics sequence: http://castify.co/channels/50-metaethics

Channels page: http://castify.co/channels