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Comment author: Alicorn 17 March 2017 01:46:56AM 21 points [-]

If you like this idea but have nothing much to say please comment under this comment so there can be a record of interested parties.

Comment author: Asymmetric 18 March 2017 06:07:37PM 2 points [-]

Am interested!

Meetup : Ann Arbor Area Amalgam of Rationalist-Adjacent Anthropoids: Assemblage at Adam's

0 Asymmetric 24 June 2016 04:39PM

Discussion article for the meetup : Ann Arbor Area Amalgam of Rationalist-Adjacent Anthropoids: Assemblage at Adam's

WHEN: 09 July 2016 07:00:00PM (-0400)

WHERE: 2065 Commerce Blvd. #327 Ann Arbor, MI 48103

(Reposted from the advert on the Google Group).

I propose that the next meetup be on Saturday, the Ninth of July in the Two-Thousand-Sixteenth Year of the Common Era, at around 1900 EST.

(It would have been sooner, but I'm busy this weekend and the weekend after is the Fourth of July Weekend.)

If you can read this sentence, you're invited.

If you had to have someone else read that sentence for you or you divined its meaning through clairvoyance or some dark ritual, you're still invited, but in the latter case we will expect a lightning talk on how to practice clairvoyance or dark rituals.

If someone told you about it, you're invited.

If someone re-posted it somewhere else and you read it, you're invited.


No level of expertise is required, however I will expect some people to discourse on the subjects of Alabama and Memory.

They know who they are.

Do not worry if you don't think you're interesting enough. You're much more interesting than you think you are.

Even if you're not, you're invited anyway.

If you're interested in anything at all, speak up. No topic is off limits. (I expect civility, but that hasn't ever been an issue and I don't think it will be.)


We will be meeting at my apartment. Located at: 2065 Commerce Blvd. #327 Ann Arbor, MI 48103

If you need a ride there or back, please let someone know or mail the group well beforehand so we can figure out a way to transport you.

The apartment building has two entrances. If you go around the strip of buildings, there will be a parking lot, vast and free. Buzz at the door (just push the button labelled 327) and I (or someone) will let you in.

To get there on the bus from Down Town Ann Arbor, you can:

  • Take the 28 to Pine Lake Cooperative which is near Pennsylvania Avenue.
  • Take the 29 bus to Liberty and Maple, cross to the kitty corner (there are push-buttons on the signals), and walk south on Maple to Pennsylvania Avenue.
  • Take the 27 bus to Pauline and Maple and walk north to Pennsylvania Avenue.

Pennsylvania Avenue leads into the back parking lot, see above for instructions from there.

If you are allergic to cats, please take something for it beforehand.

Discussion article for the meetup : Ann Arbor Area Amalgam of Rationalist-Adjacent Anthropoids: Assemblage at Adam's

Comment author: Zubon 11 February 2016 10:47:09PM 0 points [-]

I only know of 1 at AADL. Folks found it somewhat uncomfortable and wanted to be able to have food and drink. Several were held at Pizza House, just a bit off south campus.

Comment author: Asymmetric 15 February 2016 03:05:44AM 0 points [-]

Pizza House will likely be busy because of the hockey game. Maybe Amer's across the street? They have a large variety of deli sandwiches and frozen yogurt.

Any LessWrong readers at the University of Michigan?

6 Asymmetric 16 September 2014 01:39PM

I'm interested in gauging interest in a LessWrong group at UM -- probably a Facebook group, as opposed to an official University club.

Comment author: Asymmetric 17 July 2013 10:48:12PM 3 points [-]

Want to go; can't. Any future meetups planned outside of this one?

Comment author: Daniel_Burfoot 24 November 2012 05:55:33PM 27 points [-]

Words from my father’s mouth, growing up: “You need to be able to cook and keep a clean house, or what man would want to marry you?”

I assume most people find this statement offensive and objectionable. If you are such a person, can you provide a rational justification for your response? It seems to me that the father is simply making a set of empirical claims about reality, and so at worst the statement is just inaccurate.

Also, imagine a father telling his son "You need to get a good job and learn how to dress well, or else no woman will want to marry you." Is this statement similarly objectionable? If so, why?

Comment author: Asymmetric 27 November 2012 02:35:29PM 2 points [-]

It seems as though most responses to this comment talk about how learning to cook is a good thing because it helps one pursue other, more universally valuable goals. I definitely agree with this!

But honestly, the thing that makes women angry about the statement is not the first part. It's the second. Because there are many good reasons to learn how to cook, but the father is only focusing on the pursuit of marriage, as if that's the foremost goal she should have. The fact that cooking is so important in general exacerbates this -- it means that, regardless of all of those other vastly more important reasons, the only one women should care about is their obligation to get married.

Comment author: Desrtopa 27 November 2012 01:17:53AM 7 points [-]

From the linked article

We have to do better than this. I have to do better than this. I can think of multiple examples of men harassing or catcalling women, but rarely have I intervened to say something.

I'd like to ask, would speaking up and intervening be an appreciated behavior? When I envision this scenario, I see this as likely to incite further discomfort, for "white knighting." I'd like to know what sort of responses people who've been subject to catcalling would like to see from other men who happen to be present.

Comment author: Asymmetric 27 November 2012 02:11:12PM *  1 point [-]

Responses that directly refer to your desire to see the women as a person, as opposed to objectifying her through catcalls etc. or putting her on a pedestal because of her gender.

Therefore, responses that don't work are motivated out of a desire to protect the woman because she is a woman, rather than because she is a person. "That's a rude thing to say to a woman" is therefore worse than a simple "that's rude".

The idea of "white knighting" is distasteful because people consider white knights to be motivated to protect women because they are women. Removing that aspect gets rid of the white knighting.

If anyone still thinks you're motivated by a desire to protect women because they are women, you could retort with, "she's a person. She has feelings like anyone else."

Comment author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 27 November 2012 12:23:09PM 8 points [-]

I suggest male readers ruminate on this aspect of the show until it seems a bit disturbing.

Er... what if it still doesn't seem disturbing after rumination?

The positions of power are occupied by females.

Discord is male, more powerful than the Princesses, and evil.

Er, I don't seem to be finding this very disturbing either.

(Admittedly, I haven't actually watched the show, only read fanfiction based on it.)

Comment author: Asymmetric 27 November 2012 02:03:43PM 4 points [-]

If male readers feel uncomfortable with the lack of characterization and stereotyping of male characters, and subsequently realize that female readers can feel similarly uncomfortable with all media that fails the Bechdel test (a significant amount), then they can conclude that it's disturbing to think of a world where a gender is reduced to those kinds of stereotypes.

Of course, it's possible to miss one of those elements of the chain -- not feeling uncomfortable in the first place, for example.

But then, it's also possible for them to recognize that some people feel uncomfortable while experiencing specific media and feeling enough empathy to relate to them, even if they don't feel uncomfortable themselves.

Comment author: thomblake 26 November 2012 07:14:05PM 24 points [-]

For me, this post is not doing any favors for the "women's experiences are fundamentally different" camp. Most of these sound like stories from my own life. Of course, "Why are your characters always girls?" is probably a harder question for a boy than a girl.

I'd guess these mostly work as stories of "growing up geeky".

The only ones that didn't resonate were the last one about not playing M:tG anymore (probably since I've never stopped appearing like a geek) and the "Star wars characters are mostly male", which does seem worth mentioning.

MLP:FiM is probably a good available example of the reverse phenomenon. The positions of power are occupied by females. There are very few male characters (though a significantly more even ratio than Star Wars), and they seem to be shoehorned in as male stereotypes. I suggest male readers ruminate on this aspect of the show until it seems a bit disturbing. And then notice that females can experience this when watching most things.

Comment author: Asymmetric 27 November 2012 01:56:48PM 1 point [-]

Minus the catcalling, too, I assume?

Comment author: FatTonyStarks 09 September 2010 09:53:05PM 43 points [-]

I've disappointed in LessWrong too, and it's caused me to come here more and more infrequently. I'm even talking about the lurking. I used to come here every other day, then every week, then it dropped to once a month. This

I get the impression many people either didn't give a shit or despaired about their own ability to function better through any reasonable effort that they dismissed everything that came along. It used to make me really mad, or sad. Probably I took it a little too personally too, because I read a lot of EY's classic posts as inspiration not to fucking despair about what seemed like a permanently ruined future. "tsuyoku naritai" and "isshou kenmei" and "do the impossible" and all that said, look, people out there are working on much harder problems--there's probably a way up and out for you too. The sadness: I wanted other people to get at least that, and the anger--a lot of LessWrongers not seeming to get the point.

On the other hand, I'm pleased with our OvercomingBias/LessWrong meetup group in NYC. I think we do a good job in-person helping other members with practical solutions to problems--how we can all become really successful. Maybe it's because a lot of our members have integrated ideas from QS, Paleo, and CrossFit, Seth Roberts, and PJ Eby. We've counseled members on employment opportunities, how to deal with crushing student and consumer debts, how to make money, and nutrition. By now we all tend to look down on the kind of despairing analysis that's frequently upvoted on here LW. We talk about FAI sparingly these days, unless someone has a particular insight we think would be valuable. Instead, the sentiment is more, "Shit, none of us can do much about it directly. How 'bout we all get freaking rich and successful first!"

I suspect the empathy formed from face to face contact can be a really great motivator. You hear someone's story from their own mouth and think, "Shit man, you're cool, but you're in bad shape right now. Can we all figure out how to help you out?" Little by little people relate, even the successful ones--we've all been there in small ways. This eventually moves towards, "Can we we think about how to help all of us out?" It's not about delivering a nice tight set of paragraphs with appropriate references and terminology. When we see each other again, we care that our proposed solutions and ideas are going somewhere because we care about the people. All the EvPsych speculation and calibration admonitions can go to hell if doesn't fucking help. But if it does, use it, use it to help people, use it to help yourself, use it to help the future light cone of the human world.

Yet if we're intentional about it I think we can keep it real here too. We can give a shit. Okay, maybe I don't know that. Maybe it takes looking for and rewarding the useful insights and then coming back later and talking about how the insights were useful. Maybe it takes getting a little more personal. Maybe I and my suggestions are full of shit but, hell, I want to figure this out. I used to talk about LessWrong with pride and urge people to come check it out because the posts were great, the commenters /comment scheme is great, it was a shining example of what the rest of the intellectually discursive interwebs could be like. And, man, I'd like it to be that way again.

So damn, what do y'all think?

Comment author: Asymmetric 19 November 2012 12:59:43AM 0 points [-]

To people who go to meetups in other parts of the world: are they all like this? How do they vary in terms of satisfaction and progress in achieving goals?

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