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Comment author: Curiouskid 23 November 2015 04:54:33PM 6 points [-]

So, it seems like lots of people advise buying index funds, but how do I figure out which specific ones I should choose?

Comment author: Curiouskid 20 April 2016 06:38:48AM *  3 points [-]

So, I think the correct answer to the question "I have a 5-figure sum of money to invest" is to just go with Betterment/Wealthfront rather than Vanguard, so that you get diversification between asset classes (whereas a specific index fund will get you diversification within an asset class). If I'd known this when I'd asked the question, I would have picked a better mix of Vanguard index funds, and not hesitated as much with figuring out where to put the money. To be fair, Vaniver basically said this, I just think the links below explain it better, so I could feel certain enough to make a decision rather than let the money burn away through inflation.



Comment author: [deleted] 04 April 2016 10:42:11PM 1 point [-]

No problem! I was excited to see it, since I fanboy over that lab.

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Comment author: Curiouskid 08 April 2016 09:24:34PM 1 point [-]

A good paper!

I'm curious how you found the paper. I asked myself how I would find such a paper (rather than just stumbling on it here). I first checked Tenenbaum's homepage, but it's out of date. Then I checked the CBMM publications page and found it.

Another interesting paper from that page: "Foveation-based Mechanisms Alleviate Adversarial Examples"

Comment author: argella42 03 March 2016 04:54:50PM 0 points [-]

Believe me, I would do exactly that if I could, but my parents won't let me. It's not even that think I won't get into college--they don't seem to have a rational reason beyond "you just have to follow through with things" and "trust me, I'm much older than you, this is not a time in your life to waste opportunity" and "everybody needs a high school diploma, even if they go through college" none of which are strictly true, as far as I can tell.

That's part of my motivation for going back to public school--because there are less requirements and the workload is less strenuous I can build my schedule in a way that is conducive to me learning things outside of class.

Comment author: Curiouskid 05 March 2016 10:14:10AM 0 points [-]

My parents were similarly irrational.

I think you could still take the GED and apply to colleges right now. I think it sometimes can help to discuss things concretely "I have my GED and have been accepted to XYZ Uni to study ABC" v. "I could get my GED and apply to colleges.".

If you can't graduate 2 years early with a GED, you could try graduating 1 year early by just earning all the necessary credits. My school offered credits for passing AP exams, and I just self-studied for several of them and passed them.

Comment author: Lumifer 03 March 2016 04:58:40PM 1 point [-]

Then, when you get to college, you can spend a bunch of your time socializing, on campus.

I sounds weird to me that you want to intensely study in high school just so that you can drink and fuck your way through college...

Comment author: Curiouskid 05 March 2016 10:08:04AM 0 points [-]

OP said:

it's very hard to socialize when you don't board at the school,

I'm saying it's very easy to socialize on a college campus. Not necessarily drinking and fucking your way through college. To give one example, Just hanging around and chatting with people after class if you don't have a class immediately afterward.

Comment author: Curiouskid 03 March 2016 08:55:17AM *  0 points [-]

If I could re-do high school, I would get my GED as early as possible, and then do something useful with my time instead of gong to high school. For example, you could self-study a bunch of APs exams, test out of all the general education requirements at many universities, and then graduate from college early too.

Then, when you get to college, you can spend a bunch of your time socializing, on campus.

Comment author: Curiouskid 22 February 2016 10:58:46PM 2 points [-]

I really like your knowledge maps.

I found a small typo: "Luck of ability to see consequences". I think you meant "lack".

Comment author: Benito 26 May 2013 07:22:06PM 2 points [-]

In information theory, the link to 'Information Vs. Meaning' is broken.

Please fix it, it sounds useful :)

Comment author: Curiouskid 22 February 2016 05:35:19AM 0 points [-]
Comment author: Curiouskid 12 February 2016 09:38:46PM *  3 points [-]

I'll add some sub-points:

1) AI risk is important

2) Everybody should be vegan.

  • Veganism is healthier than other diets (e.g. paleo, keto)
  • Even if veganism is less healthy, it is still morally superior to other diets.

Other people have mentioned:

  • Cryonics
  • Relationships / PUA

Political topics:

  • Free Market Policies
  • Social Justice Movement
  • The importance of environmentalism
Comment author: FeepingCreature 28 June 2013 08:51:17AM *  16 points [-]

Minor QoL PSA: if you get indigestion every time you consume milk or milk products, you probably have lactose intolerance, which can be fixed semi-cheaply and effectively by taking a lactase supplement before consuming milk. Lactose intolerance is widespread in adults (statistics range from 33% to 75%). Lactase supplements are available without a prescription. Considering how useful as a source of nutrients, not to mention tasty, milk is ..

Comment author: Curiouskid 09 February 2016 07:13:40AM 1 point [-]

It could be also be casein intolerance. I actually feel fairly okay when I drink milk, but consuming a casein protein powder makes me bloated.

Comment author: Curiouskid 04 December 2015 08:37:46PM *  10 points [-]

Probably people have seen this before, but I really like it:

People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily.

-Zig Ziglar

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