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Comment author: Lumifer 27 August 2014 09:20:23PM 2 points [-]

That's a very very uncharitable interpretation of that sentence in the body of the bill.

Comment author: David_Gerard 28 August 2014 09:31:58PM 1 point [-]

I really don't think so. There's a pattern of this with creationists, c.f. Paul Broun condemning embryology as (literally) the work of Satan - which sounds truly weird unless you know how much e.g. Dawkins hammered on embryology as slam-dunk proof of evolution in The Greatest Show On Earth. This is another in a long series of bills attempting to get creationism a foothold in publicly-funded education, even if it has to be written entirely in dogwhistles. It may seem uncharitable in the evidence given (a single link), but not if you know the history of this sort of attempted legislative end-run.

Comment author: David_Gerard 28 August 2014 09:29:20PM 2 points [-]


Comment author: David_Gerard 27 August 2014 09:11:58PM 2 points [-]

The Fate of Galt's Gulch Chile, an experimental Objectivist community. Post is by a buyer.

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Comment author: David_Gerard 18 August 2014 05:03:20PM 1 point [-]

Remember to give Kaj an upvote for this post :-)

Comment author: David_Gerard 18 August 2014 04:59:43PM 0 points [-]

I note also KnaveOfAllTrades' recent post about the analogous concept of a "sports quotient".

Comment author: David_Gerard 18 August 2014 04:55:46PM -1 points [-]
Comment author: Error 12 August 2014 10:30:04PM 1 point [-]

I posted this in the last open thread but I think it got buried:

I was at Otakon 2014, and there was a panel about philosophy and videogames. The description read like Less Wrongese. I couldn't get in (it was full) but I'm wondering if anyone here was responsible for it.

Comment author: David_Gerard 13 August 2014 11:22:41AM 1 point [-]

The description: "Philosophy in Video Games [F]: A discussion of philosophical themes present in many different video games. Topics will include epistemology, utilitarianism, philosophy of science, ethics, logic, and metaphysics. All topics will be explained upon introduction and no prior knowledge is necessary to participate!"

Did they record all panels?

Comment author: David_Gerard 11 August 2014 10:13:19AM 1 point [-]
Comment author: solipsist 08 August 2014 07:47:11PM *  13 points [-]

Speaking only to the proximate cause (ebola). The headline of the article read:

‘God is angry with Liberia,’ local religious leaders say, blaming Ebola on ‘homosexualism’

Local leaders blaming Ebola on homosexuality is bad. But this is a country where the GDP per capita is less than $2 per day. This is a country with 300 confirmed cases of malaria per 1000 people (ebola has killed 255 Liberians in total this epidemic, according to that article), and were only a few years ago a majority of children tested positive for malaria. I'm thrilled people are paying attention to the welfare of Liberians. There are many problems in Liberia, and a poor response to the ebola virus is nowhere near the top of the list.

Comment author: David_Gerard 09 August 2014 11:59:10AM *  3 points [-]

It's worse in Britain - remember that the Church of England is a state church, with bishops in the House of Lords. And here we have bishops literally claiming tolerance for sodomy causes floods. Clearly, this is strong evidence that Britain, despite being a rich first-world country, is a sick state that must be taken over by somewhere sane forthwith.

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