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In response to Complex Novelty
Comment author: Emil_Gilliam 20 December 2008 01:04:18PM 13 points [-]

"I could see myself carving one table leg, maybe, if there was something non-obvious to learn from the experience."

Not even four, so that you could then make a table? As long as we're still within the human-ish range of mind design space, have at least some respect for the sheer human pleasure of doing things without having to justify the educational value of every action. Orgasmium is not the only alternative to purism.

Comment author: Emil_Gilliam 25 October 2008 08:46:37AM 0 points [-]

Count me in, if you can squeeze in one more at this late date.

Comment author: Emil_Gilliam 05 October 2008 06:40:15PM 19 points [-]

Sadly, I had not read Judgment under Uncertainty, and still haven't. I don't recall ever saying I did, and can't find any email in which I claimed I'd read it.

However, I do recall being annoyed in 2002-2003 at Eliezer for joking that there was nothing worth reading that wasn't online and searchable through Google (or worse, that if it wasn't on the Net then it didn't exist). He did mention Judgment under Uncertainty on a mailing list (or on IRC) as something he would like to read, so I decided my donation to SIAI would be this book.

Eliezer doesn't make that particular annoying joke anymore. :)

Comment author: Emil_Gilliam 12 June 2008 02:05:58AM 0 points [-]

I hope you can include this Tom the Dancing Bug cartoon in your e-book, as an example of what you're arguing against.

Comment author: Emil_Gilliam 14 January 2008 07:44:10AM 4 points [-]

"This doesn't mean that probability theory has ceased to apply, any more than your inability to calculate the aerodynamics of a 747 on an atom-by-atom basis implies that the 747 is made out of atoms" should read "... is *not* made out of atoms."