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Comment author: FiftyTwo 01 January 2017 05:14:24AM 0 points [-]

Hello! Just rediscovered this thread. The website doesn't seem to be up anymore. How did it go in the end? Where are you at with learning mandarin?

Comment author: Error 28 April 2015 02:48:13AM *  1 point [-]

Random policy thought I just had: Hire retired whores to teach sex ed classes. There are no better experts, and they'll (hopefully) be more inclined to teach what people actually want and need to know, rather than transparently disguising scare-em-straight tactics as education.

[Edit: I'm not entirely sure why this got downvoted as heavily as it did; it's the sort of pulling-policy-ropes-sideways thing that I would have expected to go over better here than most places. I'll retract it, but I'll wait a few days first in case someone cares to enlighten me.]

Comment author: FiftyTwo 28 April 2015 03:21:01PM *  12 points [-]

Since you seem to be sincere in asking for reasons:

"Whore" is considered an unpleasant word by many people. That combined with the overall tone may have made people think your intention was trollish

You seem to deeply misunderstand the dynamics that lead to ssex eduation being the way it is. There is no plausible transition from the way the world exists at present to one where retired sex workers were employed in the school system to teach sex education.

  • a) Because the majority still have moral objections to sex work and it is illegal in many places.

  • b) there is no common agreement that children should be taught about sex full stop, much less about sexual techniques aimed at pleasure. The only way the very minimal sex education that does exist has been allowed has come to exist is because it framed in terms of health

Comment author: FiftyTwo 18 April 2015 06:45:43AM 0 points [-]

Maybe he's secretly a creationist, its unlikely but it would be more interesting/controversial than he standard internet contrarian ideas.

Comment author: FiftyTwo 07 April 2015 02:35:01PM 1 point [-]

Having just moved to China I am interested in this

Comment author: FiftyTwo 18 March 2015 09:06:49AM 1 point [-]

Might be worth including the Amazon.co.uk and other store links.

Comment author: solipsist 14 March 2015 02:36:25PM *  4 points [-]

He knows. The thought came to Harry, and he couldn't have said in words just what the Potions Master now knew; except that it was clear that Severus knew it.

The Dark Lord spoke the words "Hyakuju montauk" without pausing in his stride, accompanied by a jab of his wand; and Severus staggered before he lifelessly drew himself up beside the door once more.

"What -" Harry said, as he followed. "What did you -"

"Just fulfilling my obligation to my faithful servant. It shall not kill him, as I promised you." The Dark Lord laughed again.

I don't understand either of these. Though this in the mix and I still don't understand.

I went to the Dark Lord intending to sell him the prophecy in exchange for Lily's love becoming mine, by whatever darkness was required to achieve it.

Severus shook his head. "Too many students would remember me as the evil Potions Master. No, Minerva. I will go someplace new, and take a new name, and find someone new to love."

I get the character arc "Snape's obsession was used by Dumbledore and Voldemort, but he has finally gotten over Lily and can move on" -- it's just these specifics I don't understand.

Comment author: FiftyTwo 15 March 2015 01:25:49AM 0 points [-]
Comment author: [deleted] 10 February 2015 02:09:02AM 6 points [-]

Congratulations! Your employer and I have agreed to offer you a bonus week of paid vacation, complete with a personal assistant that handles all your affairs while you’re away at the world’s hottest new resort…Mac’s Wirehead Homestead.

Mac’s Wirehead Homestead is guaranteed to provide a week of pure bliss. No side effects, no addiction, no risks, just happiness.

So, can I sign you up for this free vacation?


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Comment author: FiftyTwo 10 February 2015 11:03:31PM 3 points [-]

I want to say no purely because of my default suspicion of anyone offering me a free vacation.

Comment author: SodaPopinski 09 February 2015 11:03:20PM 12 points [-]

Are there things we should be doing now to take advantage of future technology. What I mean would be something like people who bank umbilical cord fluid for potential future stem cell usages. Another example would be if we had taken a lot of pictures of a historical building which is now gone, then we could use modern day photogrammetry to make a 3d model of it. A potential current example, suppose we recorded a ton of our day to day vocal communication. Then, some day in the future, a new machine learning algorithm could make use of the data. So what I am looking for is whether there are any potential 'missed opportunity' of this type we should be considering (posted similar question on futurology subreddit).

Comment author: FiftyTwo 10 February 2015 11:01:43PM 3 points [-]

In general collecting data is cheap and we're getting better at sorting and using it, so bias towards collecting data

Also focus on developing skills in areas unlikely to be automated anytime soon

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Comment author: lirene 04 January 2015 02:24:17PM 4 points [-]

I only identify with my birth gender by default: 681, 45.3%

I'm surprised at this. Is there a special term for "only identifying with one's gender by default" or keywords I can use to look for statistics for among the general population? (a brief googling didn't uncover anything). I would've guessed this number to be much lower, and now I'm wondering whether this is signaling or whether my model of other people in this particular instance is completely wrong.

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Comment author: FiftyTwo 18 January 2015 01:38:55AM 2 points [-]

Personally I was surprised so amny cis people strongly identified with their gender

[tpical mind etc...]

Comment author: FiftyTwo 18 January 2015 01:16:56AM 1 point [-]

All hail!

Do you have any plans for changes?

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