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Comment author: Floccina2 22 January 2009 05:20:21PM 0 points [-]

It does not meet your criteria but I like S&P 500 Covered Call Fund for the long slump.

Comment author: Floccina2 02 September 2008 07:41:10PM 1 point [-]

The soldier giveth and the soldier taketh away.

Comment author: Floccina2 10 December 2007 03:51:20PM 10 points [-]

Global warming shows that it is not so simple to create a common enemey.

Comment author: Floccina2 10 December 2007 03:48:47PM 2 points [-]

Well when I look at the behavior of some sports fans it seems so strange. At a football game recently I saw a few people sitting behind the opposition bench and trying to bate the players into a fight.

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Comment author: Floccina2 03 December 2007 04:53:23PM 0 points [-]

Power and goodness are less common than goodness and so we value the combination higher. Also in the case of Gandhi the powerful gain less from winning that fight (marginal benefit).

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Comment author: Floccina2 26 November 2007 06:31:33PM 0 points [-]

some young man or woman is sitting at a desk in a university, earnestly studying material they have no intention of ever using, and no interest in knowing for its own sake. They want a high-paying job, and the high-paying job requires a piece of paper, and the piece of paper requires a previous master's degree, and the master's degree requires a bachelor's degree, and the university that grants the bachelor's degree requires you to take a class in 12th-century knitting patterns to graduate. So they diligently study, intending to forget it all the moment the final exam is administered, but still seriously working away, because they want that piece of paper. Some people will tell me that Cuba has better schools than the USA, so I ask do they live better. What is the purpose of schooling? Do schooling and homework squeeze out learning, in net producing a less educated population? Alfie Kohn claims that homework does not help learning. Science and history are evidently fun to many people, as evidence I point out the existence of the science, discovery and history channels. So does homework sqeeze out learnig useful science?

Is school just a long test? If so are home schoolers and those who hire tutors for their children cheating the rest of society?

Comment author: Floccina2 24 August 2007 04:58:43PM 0 points [-]

Some of this is becuase school is more about testing than about teaching. It is easier to test for the words.

Comment author: Floccina2 17 July 2007 07:20:47PM 0 points [-]

Oh to add to my above post, it seems to me that the teachers are too loyal to the over all society and less loyal to the student. They feel that they must grade students fairly and teach them in a manner that keeps that grading fair. If you hire a tutor he will teach you as best he can without much testing and will use whatever method he has at his disposal. A teacher may in a subtle way not want to teach a poor student using any method he has at his disposal. After all if I hire a tutor I would stop paying him if he gave me a poor grade and blabbed it to others. I hire him to teach me what I want to lean not to grade me. IMO Not for profit school exists to grade humans like we grade apples more than to teach! They work of society not for the students!