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Comment author: Lightwave 13 May 2010 09:06:07AM *  2 points [-]

I hereby propose the Turing test for spam - if a human judge cannot reliably distinguish spam from "genuine" content, it passes the test and qualifies as actual content. Or does it?

Comment author: HDriscoll 12 March 2011 05:52:10AM 0 points [-]

You may say the same about industrially processed food: yes, you can consume it. Eventually you become malnourished and the receptor sites of your cell membranes have trouble distinguishing the hormones you really need from the hormone inhibitors that get to the receptor sites first. Over time, you will lose vitality.

Spam of course, is a 'meat-like' substance, so the analogy may hold....

Spam content degrades the whole, just like bad food saps your vitality over time.