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The rest of this text also appears in in my wiki user page.

In days of yore (mostly in 2010) I helped organize Southern California LW Meetups with reach from Santa Barbara in the north to San Diego in the south.

For conversation, you can edit my talk page if you'd like to talk with me in this public forum with wiki edit histories n'stuff, but be aware that I check that spot maybe once per year. A better contact strategy is to send me a PM with contact info so we can discuss something using proper communication tools :-)

One of my media wiki heuristics is to look at Special:MostLinkedPages and identify which of those are user pages. There are frequently a handful at the top from users who know about the use of ~~~~ to create a timestamped signature with a link back to their user page. All of their conversations cause their user page to become highly linked and this gives a sense of who is technically accomplished and spending time talking with people within a wiki and making sure that the wiki itself is a good place, with educated participants. Based on exploration of this sort as of Jan 2013, it looks like...

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