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1 Kenoubi 06 May 2015 02:30AM

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WHEN: 07 May 2015 07:00:00PM (-0400)

WHERE: 4909 Frew St, Pittsburgh, PA

Joseph Swernofsky says:

Same time and place as last week. We'll probably follow up on the body language talk from [4/30] somehow.

Where: Osher room, basement of Hunt Library at CMU When: Thu 5/7 at 7:00 pm Who: If you need to contact me, my phone number is 650.793.7923

(I'm cross-posting this for him from the lw-pgh Google Group).

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Comment author: Kenoubi 07 March 2015 08:02:04PM 0 points [-]

This starts at noon local time. I'm not quite sure what time Less Wrong thinks, because I'm submitting before DST takes effect and the meetup is after, and it's showing inconsistent things, but regardless, noon is the correct time.

Meetup : Pittsburgh HPMoR Wrap Party

1 Kenoubi 07 March 2015 08:00PM

Discussion article for the meetup : Pittsburgh HPMoR Wrap Party

WHEN: 14 March 2015 12:00:00PM (-0500)

WHERE: Bagel Factory, 420 S Craig St, Pittsburgh, PA

I'll be wearing a black t-shirt that says "If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong." I promise to be there until at least 15:00. Venue has food and coffee. See also https://www.facebook.com/events/824097430998639/.

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Comment author: Kenoubi 07 March 2015 07:58:04PM 2 points [-]
Comment author: Kenoubi 02 May 2013 06:41:44PM *  0 points [-]

Also also, this is the day of the Pittsburgh Marathon; check the road closure schedule, expect delays, etc.

Comment author: Kenoubi 30 April 2013 01:22:09PM *  0 points [-]

Also, if you're on Google+, RSVP on the event page and it will add a calendar entry for you and I'll know to invite you to future events. (If this doesn't work, let me know; it's the first time I've tried to use a public event.)

Meetup : Big Gaming Fun 6: A New Beginning!

1 Kenoubi 30 April 2013 01:02PM

Discussion article for the meetup : Big Gaming Fun 6: A New Beginning!

WHEN: 05 May 2013 01:00:00PM (-0400)

WHERE: 100 East End Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15221

Come match wits against others who value believing the truth and acting effectively to achieve their goals! Now revived after I spent 2.5 months in Switzerland and 4 months being super busy moving into my new house.

You can see my game collection here; please bring anything else you'd like to play.

I have a cat. Please let me know if you're allergic and need me to put her upstairs.

RSVP here or by sending me a private message (but don't not show up because you didn't RSVP, I just want a rough idea of the number of attendees). The door should be unlocked and there should be a sign up when you arrive; if not, call or text (412) 657-1395 when you get here. I intend to hold these every 2-3 weeks, so watch this space!

Also, if transportation is an issue, please post a comment or send me a PM. I'm on the bus line, I might be able to pick a small number of people up, or maybe a fellow attendee can give you a ride.

Discussion article for the meetup : Big Gaming Fun 6: A New Beginning!

Comment author: Kenoubi 27 February 2013 08:53:24PM 5 points [-]

I've experienced a one way relationship before (see http://lesswrong.com/r/discussion/lw/gtv/need_some_psychology_advice/8j5k) and I really don't think that's what's going on here. I think she has a perfectly reasonable and appropriate level of interest and involvement concordant with someone she's been dating for two weeks, and I have an unreasonable and inappropriate level due, once again, to my brain chemistry and/or personal history. Calling things off right now would be a terrible idea because 1) I really have no reason to think it won't work and 2) I'm going to have to deal with this getting-too-involved-too-soon thing in ANY relationship, so I really need to learn to manage it.

Yeah, a lot of this is about arranging dates. I was actually thinking about proposing regularly scheduled dates, because it seems like it would stress her out a bit to be responsible for them, just like it does me; ironically the main reason I haven't mentioned this to her yet is that it itself is sort of a big scary request.

Comment author: Kenoubi 28 February 2013 02:08:22PM 2 points [-]

So I asked her about having scheduled dates last night. I didn't even really mean to, I just blurted it out starting from an abstract discussion of which days of the week tend to make more sense. We still need to figure out the actual days, but she likes the concept.

This doesn't actually solve the issue (there are things other than dates I could need/want to request) but it sure does decrease the frequency a lot.

Maybe I can just try not to request things over email or text message? It seems pretty avoidable when I can call or wait until the next time we see each other. There may still be unusual circumstances that would justify it, of course.

Comment author: knb 28 February 2013 07:39:41AM -1 points [-]

This seems like open thread material to me tbh imo.

Comment author: Kenoubi 28 February 2013 01:59:17PM 2 points [-]

I forgot that open threads existed, but I really didn't think this was below the bar for discussion... although its score has been fluctuating between 0 and -1, so maybe.

Comment author: coffeespoons 28 February 2013 12:36:05PM *  0 points [-]

Hmm, I expect it got negative points because Kenoubi is already dating someone and he's happy dating them. Dating other girls right now might be counterproductive. Other techniques for worrying less would be more useful ATM. However, if this relationship doesn't work out dating a lot might be good advice!

Comment author: Kenoubi 28 February 2013 01:56:34PM 2 points [-]

Yeah, I was gonna say pretty much exactly this. It may be the advice the most likely to lead to general dating success over the long term, but it really doesn't help me deal with my situation right now. (Though I certainly didn't downvote it.)

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