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Comment author: Matvey_Ezhov 26 October 2013 04:02:34PM 0 points [-]

For those interested in the subject, I would recommend checking out Mindfulness in plain english. Even reading introduction and chapter 1 might provide strong motivation for taking the exercises seriously. It is written by highly regarded buddhist monk but stripped of almost all religious/mythical references.

Comment author: Matvey_Ezhov 06 October 2013 11:57:40AM 3 points [-]

I suspect this post tends to produce a burning urge to move to Bay Area, unless you're already there. Or am I the only one?

Comment author: Matvey_Ezhov 06 February 2013 02:23:12PM *  0 points [-]

It seems that sufficiently intelligent agent should be able to change sigma. Sufficiently advanced rover might be able to design and assemble new sensors in place, or advanced trading algorithm might look for a new relevant streams of data on the net, or strong AI might modify its sensory mechanisms in various ways. After all, human intelligences do it when they need new tools to make scientific discoveries.

Comment author: Pentashagon 24 July 2012 09:44:20PM 8 points [-]

Aren't most of these evil strategies effectively combated by good strategies? For instance, the Republicans could promise 1/2 of a stupendous amount of money to the Democrats for all of them voting no and then have one Republican vote yes. The plutocrat pays 1 stupendous amount of money to the Republicans who split it with the Democrats. Shouldn't the business offering $101 a share just offer $105.01 for the first 500 shares and $96.99 for the other half, then redistribute them like the evil offer? Shouldn't a family business establish a managed trust instead of relying on such a weak board of directors? Or not sell 51% of their shares to anyone else? Shouldn't the first bidder for $20 bid $19.99 and slowly build up a wealth in pennies? Shouldn't bloodthirsty pirates invest the $17000 in faster ships and more cannons?

Comment author: Matvey_Ezhov 01 August 2012 07:26:44PM *  4 points [-]

Even better, if party A want to play the game, they could announce to party B that they will vote for 26% of total (assuming 50%+ is what it takes to pass the vote) and to split in case the bill doesn't pass. This way they can be sure that party B wouldn't outvote them without passing the bill and ruining thhe game.

Comment author: Matvey_Ezhov 01 August 2012 07:18:18PM *  6 points [-]

In "The Evil Plutocrat" all parties would probably cooperate to vote the bill down, since otherwise they will be sending a message that they could be played in that (and probably other) fashion, which will deminish their future profits, as other lobbyists would try to play them instead of bribing.

Comment author: Matvey_Ezhov 06 February 2012 12:04:40PM 3 points [-]

Maybe we can get ru.lesswrong.com?

Comment author: turchin 29 October 2011 04:37:55PM 8 points [-]

http://www.computerra.ru/interactive/589824 A. Palianov now works in Russia on nematode brain emulation project

Comment author: Matvey_Ezhov 31 October 2011 04:10:35PM 0 points [-]
Comment author: Matvey_Ezhov 11 September 2011 07:41:19AM *  2 points [-]

Signed. There are plenty of options for collaborative learning today, I had a good expirience with OpenStudy.com (by MIT students) and collaborative learning wikis on PBworks.com.

In response to Applause Lights
Comment author: Matvey_Ezhov 03 September 2011 10:27:22AM 0 points [-]

There might be one another case: in casual conversation, something that looks like an applause light, could be just expression of recent insights of a particular person on the subject. Like, he just yesterday deduced (based on some fragments of rational texts on the web) that we should balance risks and opportunities of this. Or, maybe the audience level on the subject is so low that even the applause-like statements do convey some information.

Comment author: Matvey_Ezhov 21 July 2011 08:13:55PM 6 points [-]

We in Russia are cherishing the similar idea. I think it would be great to add to LW engine a feature to switch the language on every article, if any translation is available, like one there is in Wikipedia.

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