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Comment author: HungryHobo 29 April 2016 05:51:18PM 2 points [-]

"Error rendering the page: Couldn't find page"

Comment author: MichaelHoward 01 May 2016 11:45:53AM 1 point [-]
Comment author: MichaelHoward 02 December 2014 07:18:02PM *  8 points [-]

It was also on the BBC TV main evening news today, and BBC News 24.

Edit: more from them here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-30293863

Comment author: MichaelHoward 15 March 2014 02:13:44AM 11 points [-]

How many things apparently impossible have nevertheless been performed by resolute men who had no alternative but death.

-- Napoleon Bonaparte.

Comment author: yli 21 November 2013 03:08:59AM *  1 point [-]

Please consider sending some Bitcoins to SI at address 1HUrNJfVFwQkbuMXwiPxSQcpyr3ktn1wc9


Total Received 343.91998333 BTC
Final Balance 5.55939055 BTC

Comment author: MichaelHoward 21 November 2013 01:24:20PM 1 point [-]

Apparently that's old. The address currently on their website is https://blockchain.info/address/1BszW45pwXx7d7g4x9Xxbs9MGJEQcJsd3v although that hasn't received any coins yet.

Maybe the old one is fine too, but unless someone can shed light on why they changed from the old address, it's probably best not to send coins to it, although I'd hope if it had become unsafe they would have announced it loudly.

Comment author: SilasBarta 21 June 2011 03:50:01PM 4 points [-]

Can I claim vindication on this matter now? EFF now says:

  1. We don't fully understand the complex legal issues involved with creating a new currency system. Bitcoin raises untested legal concerns related to securities law, the Stamp Payments Act, tax evasion, consumer protection and money laundering, among others. And that’s just in the U.S. …

  2. We don't want to mislead our donors. When people make a donation to a nonprofit like EFF, they expect us to use their donation to support our work. Because the legal territory around exchanging Bitcoins into cash is still uncertain, we are not comfortable spending the many Bitcoins we have accumulated…

  3. People were misconstruing our acceptance of Bitcoins as an endorsement of Bitcoin. We were concerned that some people may have participated in the Bitcoin project specifically because EFF accepted Bitcoins, and perhaps they therefore believed the investment in Bitcoins was secure and risk-free. While we’ve been following the Bitcoin movement with a great degree of interest, EFF has never endorsed Bitcoin. In fact, we generally don’t endorse any type of product or service – and Bitcoin is no exception.

Comment author: MichaelHoward 25 May 2013 10:51:20AM 0 points [-]
Comment author: MichaelHoward 27 March 2013 03:36:35AM 3 points [-]
Comment author: Cthulhoo 22 March 2013 08:34:53AM 2 points [-]

Be gur ynjazbjre zna.

Comment author: MichaelHoward 22 March 2013 01:14:52PM 1 point [-]

Be gur svefg rcvfbqr bs Znk Urnqebbz...

Comment author: MichaelHoward 21 March 2013 01:31:58AM 1 point [-]

As it's been queried how many physicists, mathematicians, etc. currently believe what about QM, I thought this paper (no paywall, Yay!) might interest a few of you: A Snapshot of Foundational Attitudes Toward Quantum Mechanics

For example, question 12: Copenhagen 42% Information 24% Everett 18%

Here, we present the results of a poll carried out among 33 participants of a conference on the foundations of quantum mechanics. The participants completed a questionnaire containing 16 multiple-choice questions probing opinions on quantum-foundational issues. Participants included physicists, philosophers, and mathematicians. We describe our findings, identify commonly held views, and determine strong, medium, and weak correlations between the answers. Our study provides a unique snapshot of current views in the field of quantum foundations, as well as an analysis of the relationships between these views.

Comment author: MichaelHoward 19 March 2013 12:30:56AM 20 points [-]

That is the second most Ravenclaw thing I have ever heard.

Comment author: MichaelHoward 18 March 2013 03:53:19PM 2 points [-]

For the overwhelmed, here's a summary snippet to encourage further investigation... (in rot13 for those who'd consider it spoilers, or just think Down With This Sort Of Thing).

From the Dual N-Back FAQ:

Gb gubfr jubfr gvzr vf yvzvgrq: lbh znl jvfu gb fgbc ernqvat urer. Vs lbh frrx gb vzcebir lbhe yvsr, naq jnag gur terngrfg "onat sbe gur ohpx", lbh ner jryy-nqivfrq gb ybbx ryfrjurer.

Zrqvgngvba, sbe rknzcyr, vf rnfvre, snfgre, naq hygen-cbegnoyr. Glcvat genvavat jvyy qverpgyl vzcebir lbhe snpvyvgl jvgu n pbzchgre, n inyhnoyr fxvyy sbe guvf zbqrea jbeyq. Fcnprq ercrgvgvba zrzbevmngvba grpuavdhrf bssre hacnenyyryrq nqinagntrf gb fghqragf. Abbgebcvpf ner gur rcvgbzr bs rnfr (whfg fjnyybj!), naq gurve rssrpgf ner zhpu zber rnfvyl nffrffrq - bar pna rira eha qbhoyr-oyvaq rkcrevzragf ba barfrys, vzcbffvoyr jvgu qhny A-onpx. Bgure fhccyrzragf yvxr zryngbava pna qryvire orarsvgf vapbzzrafhenoyr jvgu QAO - jung vf gur pbtavgvir inyhr bs nabgure ahzore va jbexvat zrzbel gunaxf gb QAO pbzcnerq gb n tbbq avtug’f fyrrc gunaxf gb zryngbava? Zbqrfg punatrf gb bar’f qvrg naq raivebaf pna shaqnzragnyyl vzcebir bar’f jryy-orvat. Rira onfvp genvavat va ernqvat, jvgu gur pehqrfg gnpuvfgbfpbcr grpuavdhrf, pna cnl ynetr qvivqraqf vs bar vf orybj n onfvp yriry bs ernqvat yvxr 200JCZ & fgvyy fhoibpnyvmvat. Naq nyy bs gurfr pna fgneg cnlvat bss vzzrqvngryl.

...and his favorite nootropics are:

  1. Zbqnsvavy/nezbqnsvavy
  2. Zryngbava
  3. Pnssrvar+gurnavar
  4. Cvenprgnz+pubyvar
  5. Ivgnzva Q
  6. Fhyohgvnzvar
  7. Svfu bvy

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