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Comment author: Phirand_Ice 18 February 2008 04:23:05PM -1 points [-]

The use of the word 'reality' in this context is meaningless anyway. Standing in California, amongst this reality, would not offer a better perception of what california was/is like. Reality is, infact, compressed.

Comment author: Phirand_Ice 05 February 2008 04:14:46PM 0 points [-]

We are very imprecise in this way because it is very rare that we split the sign into signified and signifier. If you know that a 'Tiger' thing can kill, it is perhaps best not to worry about the signification of the form and the entropy of its relations - its best to run.

In response to Trust in Bayes
Comment author: Phirand_Ice 30 January 2008 05:53:45PM 0 points [-]

I 100% certain that atoms don't experience anything. And i'm equally sure that I wont be bitten on the bum by a black swan either.

In response to The Allais Paradox
Comment author: Phirand_Ice 24 January 2008 04:13:00PM 0 points [-]

Surely the answer is dependednat on goal criterion. If the goal is to get 'some' money then the 100% option and the 34% options are better. If your goal is get 'the most' money then the 97% and the 33% options are better. However the goal might be socially construictued. This reminded me of John Nash whom offered one of his sectraries $15 dollars if she shared it equally with a co-worker but $10 if she kept it for her-self. She took the $15 and split it with her co-worker. She chose an option that maximised her social capital but was a weaker one economically.