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Comment author: Sniffnoy 23 October 2014 05:12:42AM 36 points [-]

Took the survey.

Comment author: BloodyShrimp 01 October 2014 02:42:19AM 7 points [-]

I would've entered! I loved the one-shot PD tournament last summer. In the future, please move popular tournament announcements to Main!

Comment author: Sniffnoy 01 October 2014 04:19:53AM 1 point [-]

Yes, agreed. (I tried to write an entry for the one-shot tournament but never finished; I'd like to see that revisited sometime with a Scheme variant tailored for the contest.)

Comment author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 28 September 2014 04:44:58PM 10 points [-]

Any reason I shouldn't move to Main and Promote?

Comment author: Sniffnoy 30 September 2014 11:02:35PM 6 points [-]

Well, I'm a little annoyed seeing in Main the results of a tournament that was announced in Discussion... (not that I probably would have entered, but...)

Comment author: blumsha 02 September 2014 08:03:14PM 2 points [-]

Where from? I'll be coming from Ann Arbor.

Comment author: Sniffnoy 03 September 2014 04:42:57AM 1 point [-]

Oh, thanks! I'm in Ann Arbor too! Since the comment above though torekp offered me a ride, so it's not necessary anymore. Thanks again though!

Comment author: Sniffnoy 02 September 2014 07:09:15AM 2 points [-]

I'd like to go, but at present I don't have any way of getting there. Would anyone be willing to give me a ride like last time?

Comment author: Sniffnoy 22 July 2014 05:15:19AM *  4 points [-]
Comment author: Sniffnoy 08 July 2014 04:44:07AM 2 points [-]

For what it's worth, the "Sand" page doesn't seem to be linked anywhere on your homepage.

Comment author: Sniffnoy 21 June 2014 08:57:34PM 4 points [-]

Several of the links in this post point to Google redirects rather than directly to the actual website. Could you fix this please? Thank you!

Comment author: Sniffnoy 03 June 2014 09:37:56PM *  0 points [-]

Hm -- I might be able to show up, but I have no way of getting there, and I also would need to leave by a little after 7 or so, which means that if someone were to offer to drive me there/back it could put restrictions on them as well. So, uncertain.

Comment author: Sniffnoy 16 May 2014 04:33:55AM *  3 points [-]

However, since Arrow deals with social welfare functions which take a profile of preferences as input and outputs a full preference ranking, it really says something about aggregating a set of preferences into a single group preference.

I'm going to nitpick here -- it's possible to write down forms of Arrow's theorem where you do get a single output. Of course, in that case, unlike in the usual formulation, you have to make assumptions about what happens when candidates drop out -- considering what you have as a voting system that yields results for an election among any subset of the candidates, rather than just that particular set of candidates. So it's a less convenient formulation for proving things. Formulated this way, though, the IIA condition actually becomes the thing it's usually paraphrased as -- "If someone other than the winner drops out, the winner stays the same."

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