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Comment author: Huluk 26 March 2016 12:55:37AM *  26 points [-]

[Survey Taken Thread]

By ancient tradition, if you take the survey you may comment saying you have done so here, and people will upvote you and you will get karma.

Let's make these comments a reply to this post. That way we continue the tradition, but keep the discussion a bit cleaner.

Comment author: Spectral_Dragon 02 April 2016 10:35:30AM 16 points [-]

I've said it before and I've said it again - this is mild cult behavior.

... That being said, bring on the low cost gratification! I've taken the survey!

In response to Meetup : Lund Meetup
Comment author: Spectral_Dragon 18 November 2015 12:52:03PM 0 points [-]

Hello, me and a friend were planning to get involved in the meetup, however as I expect you to be rather difficult to distinguish I'd prefer some way to be able to find you lot. If I am outside Ideon Alpha building, on the west side, at 12:15 thursday wearing a tie and a portal bag, would I be correct in the belief that someone will locate me and direct me to the meet up?

Comment author: Spectral_Dragon 21 September 2015 04:37:30PM 0 points [-]

I'll gladly meet up, just to see what people there are that have seen Lesswrong before. However, you may need to be more specific on location. I am 22, skinny and with long brown silky hair. We're not much different from the norm.

Comment author: Spectral_Dragon 19 October 2015 03:46:59PM 0 points [-]

Turns out quantum mechanics is much too great a challenge at the moment. I wish both other LWers a good day, and shall do my best to attend the next meeting instead - there is still interest from my part.

Comment author: Spectral_Dragon 21 September 2015 04:37:30PM 0 points [-]

I'll gladly meet up, just to see what people there are that have seen Lesswrong before. However, you may need to be more specific on location. I am 22, skinny and with long brown silky hair. We're not much different from the norm.

Comment author: Spectral_Dragon 09 April 2015 01:54:32PM 3 points [-]

I went from being dead set on physics to a joined major of math and physics, following up with a master in math in a while, and instead of thinking "I should learn programming some time", I am currently sitting at a lecture in Python. Had I not encountered lesswrong, I would have been a quirky, regular physicist who lives their life, thinking of some Big Questions, but not actually coming to an answer. I would also not have become atheist quite as quickly. I intend to keep being less wrong in the future, and I've seen results - positive, as well as negative due to what some people consider too much honesty. But all in all, I have improved my odds of reaching my goals.

Comment author: Sly 22 February 2013 06:08:10AM 0 points [-]

So I was planning on doing the AI gatekeeper game as discussed in a previous thread.

My one stipulation as Gatekeeper was that I could release the logs after the game, however my opponent basically backed out after we had barely started.

Is it worth releasing the logs still, even though the game did not finish?

Ideally I could get some other AI to play against me, that way I have more logs to release. I will give you up to two hours on Skype, IRC, or some other easy method of communication. I am estimating my resounding victory with a 99%+ probability. We can put karma, small money, or nothing on the line.

Is anyone up for this?

Comment author: Spectral_Dragon 22 February 2013 08:23:35PM 2 points [-]

I've contemplated testing it, a few times. If you do not mind facing a complete newb, I might be up for it, given some preparation and discussion beforehand. Just PM me and we can discuss it.

Comment author: MixedNuts 16 February 2013 09:19:02PM 2 points [-]

I'm in Stockholm right now, but have to move out of my current place. Do tell me if this pans out, Belfast sounds good and you seem like a nice person from looking at your comments. My schedule might be tighter than yours, though.

Comment author: Spectral_Dragon 16 February 2013 10:40:49PM 2 points [-]

Do you have a deadline for when you have to move out, or when to have a solid plan? I'll likely know if I have a position or not before wednesday, and there's plenty of living around the university area, in case you want to look at things yourself. I'll have to say likewise - you seem like a decent person, and I'm sure it is, as I'm indeed very flexible. I'll update you if I find anything relevant.

Comment author: Spectral_Dragon 16 February 2013 08:17:05PM 4 points [-]

I am currently looking for job around the british isles, currently aiming at Belfast. If I find a good job, and an affordable place, shared, I could message you, if you like? We sound reasonably similar (and why, I AM a mentally odd person who likes living with other people!). Or, if that is prefered, if you're considering moving to Sweden, I'd do my best to assist you. Always easier with a local contact.

Comment author: Slade 10 February 2013 03:44:30AM *  14 points [-]

So... this is a really personal issue and I'm not sure I have any business bringing it up here, but I'm going to anyway:

I've been on and off suicidal for the past 8 or so years (I'm 18, btw), but I've been especially depressed for the last couple of months. My exact emotions are pretty complicated and the motivations behind my death wish differ from moment to moment. 2 days ago I decided to commit to killing myself and I've spent the time between then and now readying myself for suicide. In the past 10 minutes I've had a change of heart brought on by guilt.


I imagine the wise thing to do would be to seek professional assistance, but I don't want to for various reasons. I've told several friends that I want to die, but they don't really believe me because of the casual way I bring it up and my disposition towards seeking attention. There was a case of suicide by someone in this community awhile ago and I believe some of the commenters on that thread offered to talk to anyone who was feeling self destructive, but that was some time ago, so I'd like to inquire as to whether the offer still stands.

I think I'm likely to have more in common with the average Lesswronger than with any volunteer I could talk to, which is why I'm leaving this post on this site. My depression all but disappeared for over 2 years after finding this place, so naturally it's the first place I turn to. I'm not exactly sure if I have anything to say about my problems or if talking will even help, but I need to do something to fend off the desire to kill myself, and this is my way of committing. I'd appreciate anything anyone here has to offer in the way of advice.

Again, I'm truly sorry if this issue is inappropriate here and I swear I'm not trolling. I normally use a different account here, but I didn't want to associate anything rationality-based I have to say in the future with this problem, so I re-registered under this name.

Thank you.

Comment author: Spectral_Dragon 10 February 2013 12:09:48PM 1 point [-]

hug is essentially what I can do as well. I have some experience with this (age 19, depression for the last 2,5 years), and the professionals I've talked with have been very understanding and adaptable to how I think (cognitive behavorial therapy for the win), so I think you should at least talk to one if you find yourself on the verge again. For what it's worth, what I use when I feel really terrible is the internet for reasons life is still awesome enough. Cracked has something like this, though this might only work for me. And I support moving this to Discussion if you want a better chance of help. But if you just want to talk, I'm up for that, too. Just drop me a message.

Anyway, I don't think I can do more for you except say that every life lost is a tragedy, and you're the kind of person the world would definitely be worse without.

Comment author: satt 03 February 2013 04:04:16PM 1 point [-]

Does this put me in the "Against" category too? I don't care if people drink alcohol in moderation, but I'm in favour of minimum alcohol pricing laws for Kleimanesque reasons. But minimum pricing is unlikely to reduce most groups' alcohol consumption by much, as only the cheapest booze would go up in price.

Comment author: Spectral_Dragon 03 February 2013 09:00:51PM 1 point [-]

I'd actually put you in "for", as you're favouring a suggestion that raises prices and lower consumption. For this I'd say effect is more central than opinion. And no, it wouldn't lower it much - on average just under 7 percents, but it'd reduce health care costs as well.

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