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Comment author: ChrisHallquist 11 April 2012 06:18:30AM *  6 points [-]

A problem with Quirrell's heroic alter ego being Tom Riddle, even if the only ones who know Tom Riddle is Voldemort are the inner circle of the Order of the Phoenix, is, why wouldn't madam Bones tell Dumbledore that Tom Riddle is currently inhabiting Quirrell's body?

Riddle appears to have convinced Bones that he's a genuinely good guy who's dying, and wants to live out the final months of his life without his true identity being known. She will likely respect his wishes because, hey, he was a real hero once.

Or Bones will tell Dumbledore and this will lead to a climax suitable for the end of a Hogwarts school year.

But unfortunately, it seems that in this fic even smart people are capable of shooting themselves in the foot not sharing information freely enough. I mean, if Dumbledore and Harry sat down and shared all the information they have, they'd have identified Quirrell as Riddle/Voldemort by now.

Comment author: Spencer_Sleep 11 April 2012 06:23:43AM *  3 points [-]

Or it's not Riddle at all. I was writing out a whack of reasons for this, but there is no need: Eliezer has spoken:

I've edited the birthdate of the person Amelia refers to, to be 1927 - too many people were interpreting that as "She thinks he's Tom Riddle" despite the House incongruence, an interpretation I'd honestly never thought of due to Illusion of Transparency.

Comment author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 11 April 2012 06:06:47AM 6 points [-]

Why are people downvoting this? It's a testable prediction.

Comment author: Spencer_Sleep 11 April 2012 06:17:55AM 8 points [-]

I can also make the testable prediction "The universe will cease to exist on May 19th, 2034 at 10:03:09PM", but unless I had some truly excellent supporting evidence which I posted along with that prediction, I would not expect people to think well of my statement (particularly if I made it in a rambling, melodramatic way that made it difficult to determine the purpose of the post).

In response to comment by ericn on Scope Insensitivity
Comment author: Vaniver 28 December 2010 02:32:58PM *  21 points [-]

Vegetarianism is similar. I know many vegetarians who only think about the poor cow who now is served as dinner instead of the thousands of animals who are killed by pesticides, fertilizers, and mechanized farming equipment needed to grow a bowl of soy beans.

If they did, would their opinion change?

I think mining is nasty, dirty, and dangerous. But I love uranium mining, even though the ore is radioactive. Why? Because each kilogram of uranium ore you pull out of the ground replaces at least ten* kilograms of coal. Uranium mining represents a net reduction to the total amount of mining that happens (with a constant energy load).

Likewise, when you go from growing plants to feed a cow to feed a human to growing plants to feed a human, you reduce the amount of plants necessary at least tenfold,* which similarly sounds like a tenfold reduction in the animals killed by farming processes.

So the thing that vegetarians aren't thinking about strengthens their argument. Are you sure you're thinking clearly about this issue, instead of trying to score points?

* I don't have the time/energy to look up the actual numbers at the moment- I'm >98% confident they're over 10 times, and strongly suspect they're less than 100.

Comment author: Spencer_Sleep 12 September 2011 01:16:52AM 3 points [-]

Likewise, when you go from growing plants to feed a cow to feed a human to growing plants to feed a human, you >reduce the amount of plants necessary at least tenfold,* which similarly sounds like a tenfold reduction in the animals >killed by farming processes.

This is the main motivation for many vegetarians, from an energy reduction perspective. Ten times (approximately) more plants means ten times (approximately) the energy taken for the same amount of food/energy for the consumer.

Toronto Meetup, May 24th

4 Spencer_Sleep 21 May 2011 06:16PM

When: Tuesday, May 24th, 20:00

Where: The Duke of York, 39 Prince Arthur Avenue

Hi everyone,

The Toronto meetup group is having one of our bi-weekly meetings this Tuesday at the Duke of York. The reservation is under the name Spencer Sleep. I have requested a table on the patio.  The reason for the move from the Bedford Academy (albeit by less than 10 metres) is that we are looking for somewhere quieter, thus more conducive to discussion.  Now that it is warmer, one of our best bets is most likely patios, so we are going to try the patio at the Duke of York.  Those of you who have been attending since the start may remember that we started out there.  The reason we moved was the existence of live music every Thursday.  Now that we are meeting on Tuesdays, that shouldn't be a problem.

As always, newcomers are extremely welcome.

If you want to hear about upcoming LessWrong events in Toronto, or have ideas about how or when those events should be run, join the Toronto LessWrong Google Group!

See you on Tuesday

Toronto Meetup, May 10th

5 Spencer_Sleep 09 May 2011 02:50AM

Toronto Meetup, April 28

6 Spencer_Sleep 25 April 2011 09:05PM
Comment author: pdf23ds 12 April 2011 02:36:04AM 2 points [-]

I wouldn't exactly call it a median. It trends forward every day, eventually wraps around, but it doesn't spend much time at all around 2-8 AM, due to sunlight keeping me awake when I'd otherwise go to sleep in late morning or afternoon.

Comment author: Spencer_Sleep 13 April 2011 03:17:22AM *  2 points [-]

It trends forward every day, eventually wraps around

This sounds a lot like Non-24-hour sleep-wake syndrome. The defining symptom for Non-24 is (from Wikipedia) "a chronic steady pattern comprising one- to two-hour daily delays in sleep onset and wake times in an individual living in society". Your delays seem to be longer than 1-2 hours, but it may be a similar problem. I don't know how much you've looked into this, given the impressive extent of your other searches, but it may be something to look into.

Have you tried light therapy? Wikipedia (and this study) recommend it, perhaps in combination with melatonin, as the most effective treatment of Non-24.

Not sure how valid this is, but it might be worth looking into, if you haven't already.

Comment author: childofbaud 12 April 2011 10:34:16PM 1 point [-]

If noise proves to be a problem, would anyone be up for experimenting with alternate venues for future meetups? I really liked the quiet atmosphere that we had at our last meeting (until that second party showed up, anyway). But that may have been a fluke.

From what I've seen so far, pubs don't seem to be overly conducive to rational discussion, though I am aware that some people have expressed their preference for them. If nothing else, we could compromise and alternate the venue every two weeks, between a pub and something slightly less noisy.

Unfortunately I have no suggestions, since meatspace is not my specialty.

Comment author: Spencer_Sleep 13 April 2011 12:53:20AM 1 point [-]

Once the group is a little more established, a private venue (someone's house) might work best. Completely dependent on whether or not people have large enough houses in the right neighbourhood (and are willing to put up with us).

Toronto Meetup, Apr 14 8pm

4 Spencer_Sleep 12 April 2011 09:16PM
Comment author: gjm 09 April 2011 12:58:12AM 6 points [-]

Except that deleted accounts should all have different deleted-account usernames, so that if some unfortunate thread has two participants who later delete their accounts it doesn't become completely impossible to make sense of the discussion.

Comment author: Spencer_Sleep 12 April 2011 06:58:58PM *  1 point [-]

What if it just kept the first three (or so) letters of the login name? The chances of two people with the same first three letters discussing the same thing is, while not infinitesimally low, well within acceptable limits. If you knew the person before deletion, it would let your recognize them, but it would keep their name from turning up in searches (the main reason, that I know of, for deleting accounts).

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