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Comment author: Alicorn 17 March 2017 01:46:56AM 19 points [-]

If you like this idea but have nothing much to say please comment under this comment so there can be a record of interested parties.

Comment author: ThoughtSpeed 20 March 2017 07:15:49PM 0 points [-]


Comment author: scarcegreengrass 01 December 2016 06:23:18PM 0 points [-]

I find the terms System 1 and System 2 difficult to memorize. Are there existing synonyms for these?

Comment author: ThoughtSpeed 02 December 2016 08:43:02AM 1 point [-]

The Elephant and the Rider.

Comment author: DataPacRat 26 September 2016 01:45:17PM 3 points [-]

Music to be resurrected to?

Assume that you are going to die, and some years later, be brought back to life. You have the opportunity to request, ahead of time, some of the details of the environment you will wake up in. What criteria would you use to select those details; and which particular details would meet those criteria?

For example, you might wish a piece of music to be played that is highly unlikely to be played in your hearing in any other circumstances, and is extremely recognizable, allowing you the opportunity to start psychologically dealing with your new circumstances before you even open your eyes. Or you may just want a favourite playlist going, to help reassure you. Or you may want to try to increase the odds that a particular piece survives until then. Or you may wish to lay the foundation for a practical joke, or a really irresistible one-liner.

Make your choice!

Comment author: ThoughtSpeed 28 September 2016 08:16:59AM 0 points [-]

I think my go-to here would be Low of Solipsism from Death Note. As an aspiring villain being resurrected, I can't think of anything more dastardly.

Comment author: Lightwave 27 September 2016 09:03:08AM 3 points [-]

He's writing an AI book together with Eliezer, so I assume he's on board with it.

Comment author: ThoughtSpeed 28 September 2016 08:08:45AM 2 points [-]

Is that for real or are you kidding? Can you link to it?

Comment author: MaximumLiberty 30 December 2015 04:43:07PM *  1 point [-]

I doubt I know enough to ask good questions. The article has a very bare-bones reference to it, so here are some basic questions:

  1. What is the high level objective?
  2. Describe the training from the outside: when, where, who, how much?
  3. Describe the training from the inside: what gets taught, what gets learned?
  4. What role do you expect mentors to play?
  5. How do you support the mentors in playing that role?
Comment author: ThoughtSpeed 21 August 2016 08:11:58AM 0 points [-]

Did this ever get answered?

Comment author: ThoughtSpeed 30 July 2016 06:18:12PM 1 point [-]

I think the names you chose were quite distracting from the problem, at least for me. See paragraphs 4-6 in this article for why: http://lesswrong.com/lw/gw/politics_is_the_mindkiller/

Comment author: buybuydandavis 09 April 2013 03:56:24AM *  23 points [-]

Technical person meets a bureaucracy. Good clean fun, like the Mr. Bill show. I wish I had been there when Thomas Sowell interned for the Department of Labor.

The only things about your story that surprised me was that you weren't shit canned within a month, and that an actual company exists that would hire you. You, and by extension them, rocked the boat and survived. That's not what anyone is paying you for. You're there to validate that they're doing the right thing. I don't know how you and your company have survived this long, but I'd like to thank you all for saving some students from the regularly scheduled destruction of their lives.

As for your conversations with the bureaucracy, do you really think their confusion was in not understanding your point? I'd guess that any confusion they had was in how you had a job there at all, while you were busy saying things that shouldn't be said. I think you were the one not "getting it".

Every so often someone says something that opens a new world to me. I'll pass on the new world to you.

The purpose of a bureaucracy is to further the interests of the bureaucracy, whatever goals they give lip service to. But even theoretically, you don't have the lip service goal right. That goal is not to help students. It's to remake society so that it looks right, primarily as measured by equality of outcomes for groups. Helping a white child is helping the white group, thereby making group inequality worse.

If you think in racial groups, everything makes sense. Blacks are more likely to have poor achievement, therefore you help blacks, regardless of achievement. But also, if you judge them by group, then you conclude they aren't ready for the advanced math classes either.

Why not use test scores? Because test scores are objective measurements. Can't allow those into the school system. Then the bureaucracy's performance can be judged, as you demonstrate. Can't have that.

And of course the proposal's execution is the goal of the proposal. Well, it's really the grant itself which is the goal, but they couldn't write "receive check" as the goal, so they write what they plan to do, something entirely in their power. If they wrote that the goal was the delivery of some objective measurement, someone crazy person might measure it and determine that they had failed. Can't have that. Who in the system would possibly want that? Only people like you who just don't "get it".

An anecdote from corporate bureaucracy. I was in a meeting with two managers, where they were describing back and forth what some other woman did. Except their story was completely false. And we all knew it was false. Having the foolishness of youth, if not the years and health, I came out and said "But she didn't really do that, right?" Silence. For a moment. Then the subject was changed and they moved on. People in bureaucracies spend much of the day telling each other social truths that are epistemically false. I don't say lying, because as George Constanza would say, it's not a lie, if you believe it. Their standard of truth is the socially useful. They forgot they had let a fool into the room whose standard was epistemic truth. That buffoon just doesn't get it. We won't invite him to more of these meetings.

Comment author: ThoughtSpeed 09 April 2013 05:33:02AM 4 points [-]

Not to lower signal-to-noise, but - I really liked this comment. It shows of a fine mind made cynical, a delicate sarcasm born of an impinging upon by a horrific, Cthulhian reality.

"People are crazy, the world is mad."

Comment author: ThoughtSpeed 09 April 2013 05:18:54AM 3 points [-]

At what point do you guys estimate CFAR will scale such that economically disadvantaged individuals such as myself will be able to afford a retreat? In the next few years will there be more of a focus on making money off of increased demand from business, heavier-pocketbook type individuals, or lowering costs for hungry student types?

I would love nothing more than to go, if only it was cheaper.

Comment author: ThoughtSpeed 27 February 2013 06:07:20AM 8 points [-]

Hi. 18 years old. Typical demographics. 26.5-month lurker and well-read of the Sequences. Highly motivated/ambitious procrastinator/perfectionist with task-completion problems and analysis paralysis that has caused me to put off this comment for a long time. Quite non-optimal to do so, but... must fight that nasty sunk cost of time and stop being intimidated and fearing criticism. Brevity to assure it is completed - small steps on a longer journey. Hopefully writing this is enough of an anchor. Will write more in future time of course.

Finally. It is written. So many choices... so many thoughts, ideas, plans to express... No! It is done! Another time you silly brain! We must choose futures! We will improve, brain, I promise.

I look forward to at last becoming an active member of this community, and LEVELING UP! Tsuyoku naritai!