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Comment author: TimoRiikonen 17 August 2015 05:38:31AM 0 points [-]

I hope the front page would be utilize some graphics. See this image for AGI risks: http://lesswrong.com/lw/mid/agi_safety_solutions_map/

If there would be similar graphics which you can press on, that would be great.

Comment author: CCC 11 August 2015 08:24:27AM 1 point [-]

Well, if you consider that the asteroids would presumably be made of more-or-less the same stuff as the Earth, only spread out in small chunks instead of lumped into one great big ball that we can only get to a thin portion of the outer layer of (like Earth) it's easy to see that there's a great potential wealth of minerals and metals in there. (No oil or coal, though, as those require organics in order to form).

If you're going to be quoting exact figures, though, then you probably need to be aware of exactly where the figure comes from. Especially if the figure is particularly surprising.

Comment author: TimoRiikonen 17 August 2015 05:35:27AM *  0 points [-]

Actually the number in Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asteroid_mining is even larger than that: $20,000,000,000,000 .

This amount seems so large that I would expect metal prices to decrease substantially, but even if they would do so, the potential value is huge when someone finds a commercially viable manner to extract and especially fetch the ore.

Comment author: TimoRiikonen 23 July 2015 12:51:07PM *  2 points [-]

Documentation root

This picture is absolutely great!

One more BIG addition to it and it will be what I have been dreaming of: Documentation root. To do: To create a link from each box to a document in lesserwrong that describes it with more detail. I suggest adding a new icon for this purpose, such as arrow.

Also if you have referred to a third-party document. adding links to them would be great if they are public.

Comment author: TimoRiikonen 23 July 2015 12:47:16PM *  1 point [-]

Multilevel Safe AGI

I didn't quite understand this one. I am not sure if I understood this correctly.

Suggested updates if I did understand it:

1) There is one Nanny (although it may have multiple copies of itself, but basically one evolution path only)
2) AGIs must give Nanny access to verify that they are and remain peaceful
3) Separate which rules are on Nanny and which are valid to other AGIs...