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In response to Are wireheads happy?
Comment author: Xaos 03 April 2013 06:49:39PM 0 points [-]

"One could come up with a story about how people are motivated to act selfishly but enjoy acting morally..."

Actually, I think a lot of stories are like that.

Because "CONFLICT IS DRAMA!!!!!1!!!one!!!!", a whole lot of stories I've been reading involve the characters having an arc that goes like this:

-Problem occurs, everyone has different ideas about how to solve it. -Ignored dissenting character, perhaps with prodding by certain outside forces, blows up, acts like a jerk, and storms off. -Dissenting character realizes that regardless of how much better their own plan was, that they've let a lot of relatively small and meaningless things drive a wedge between themselves and their friends, right when their friends needed them to be there and "Oh I was a fool!" and blah blah blah kiss and make up, Friendship is Magic.

Unless its a zombie apocolypse story, in which case the character in question NEVER stop fighting until they die, or at least they stop and reveal "they were a good person all along who made bad decisions" about ten mintues or so before the zombies eat them.