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Comment author: mgin 03 April 2014 01:13:26AM *  1 point [-]

fish antibiotics


Comment author: atorm 03 April 2014 01:47:57AM 0 points [-]

Why for fish?

Comment author: 1986ED52 19 March 2014 06:48:45AM 3 points [-]

Both my eyes may from time to time perceive colors in a different way. When they do, one would see everything in more greenish-blue hues, the other in more red-yellowish hues. It's often the case when I closed one eye for a moment, or when that eye was on the pillow side after resting. So I assume it's either temperature-related, or simply that one of my eyes' cone cells were too exposed to, say, red, because of red light filtering through my closed eyelid, and therefore were less sensitive to it afterwards.

(I scored 3 on http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-well-do-you-see-color-173018)

Comment author: atorm 22 March 2014 03:07:43PM 0 points [-]

I have this too.

Comment author: atorm 05 March 2014 01:08:25PM 3 points [-]

Do you own many books for which digital copies don't already exist?

Comment author: RomeoStevens 27 February 2014 06:18:35AM 1 point [-]

You can get sashimi delivered to your house frozen for around $25 a pound.

Comment author: atorm 27 February 2014 12:52:02PM 3 points [-]

That seems really expensive.

Comment author: atorm 07 February 2014 02:37:15AM 2 points [-]

I really enjoyed reading this.

Comment author: atorm 27 January 2014 12:12:13PM 7 points [-]

Upvoted for writing style.

Comment author: atorm 20 January 2014 06:11:14AM 0 points [-]

I wish you came 'round here more.

Comment author: atorm 08 January 2014 06:40:24PM 19 points [-]

its pretty hard to deny that genetically engineering babies is the scariest kind of eugenics.

Pretty sure negative eugenics with concentration camps is a scarier kind of eugenics.

Comment author: TobyBartels 12 December 2013 02:55:33PM 1 point [-]

an overlarge metal blade whose edge did not gleam beneath the moonlight; a gleaming edge, Harry had once read, was the sign of a dull blade

Of course, the real reason that it's not gleaming is that Eliezer once read that!

Comment author: atorm 13 December 2013 02:32:28PM 6 points [-]

I would like to know where he read it.

Comment author: atorm 22 November 2013 09:33:42PM 26 points [-]

took the survey, enjoyed the PD

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