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Comment author: avichapman 16 March 2015 02:35:51AM 8 points [-]

Wow. I see now what EY meant when he said it wasn't fair to criticize HPMOR as sexist before it was done. I finished reading the last chapter with the feeling that this was actually an origin story for Hermione.

Comment author: fezziwig 11 March 2015 02:40:36AM 4 points [-]


I think "stupid" is a little strong, personally. But I like the canon ending better.

Comment author: avichapman 11 March 2015 09:06:08PM 4 points [-]

Brin seems to equate 'rational' with 'non-violent'. They're not always the same thing.

Comment author: jkaufman 11 March 2015 04:26:29PM 9 points [-]

Prediction: people who aren't Harry can use the stone once every 216 seconds (3:36).

(The idea being that the rule is "400 times a day" and Harry has a 26hr day.)

Comment author: avichapman 11 March 2015 08:45:27PM 0 points [-]

Why is Harry special? His sleep cycle? Anybody can use a time turner.

Comment author: Coscott 10 March 2015 09:12:58PM 20 points [-]

Two quotes that are scary together:

"There can only be one king upon the chessboard. There can only be one piece whose value is beyond price. That piece is not the world, it is the world's peoples, wizard and Muggle alike, goblins and house-elves and all." - Albus Dumbledore

"I shall not... by any act of mine... destroy the world... I shall take no chances... in not destroying the world..." - Harry Potter

Harry is unfriendly. When it comes time for harry to choose between saving all the people and a small chance at saving the world, you will all learn to regret helping him get out of the box.

Comment author: avichapman 11 March 2015 02:11:26AM 7 points [-]

In the text, they made it clear that the vow was based on the meaning of the words and not the words itself. V said that it was important that everyone understood the meaning.

Harry would not consider star lifting or terraforming or the creation of a virtual world at the expense of the actual one to be 'destroying the world'. He would considering 'destroying the world' to mean 'the ending of all life' or somesuch.

Comment author: solipsist 06 March 2015 12:37:16AM 6 points [-]

Questions I still have:

  • What will Snape do now that he's no longer in love with Lilly?
  • How did Dumbledore hide in the mirror?
  • Why did all the different groups of people on the third floor corridor at the same time?
  • What's up with Cedric?
  • How was magical Italy ruined 323 years ago, or does it matter?
  • How will the Hallows come together?
  • How will the "rip apart the very stars from the heaven" prophecy play out?
  • Did Harry time-turn the day Hermione died, and, if so, what did he do?
  • Why did Harry say that he wouldn't let anyone obilivate everything he knew about calculus?
  • Quirrell teaching students the Killing curse...will it matter?
  • What happened to Narcissa Malfoy?
  • Why did the rememberal go off?
Comment author: avichapman 06 March 2015 01:56:54AM 2 points [-]

Did Harry time-turn the day Hermione died, and, if so, what did he do?

Yes. When he went into the room with Hermione's body, he turned the time turner and transfigured her body into a ring while also transfiguring something else (presumably something very small) into a copy of Hermione's body. He then hid from his past self and left the room just after his past self entered. After the transfiguration wore off, the 'body' dissapeared.

Comment author: kilobug 05 March 2015 08:31:49PM 2 points [-]

I don't think it goes : username (Tom Riddle) => permissions (Defense Professor) or Harry (recognized as Tom Riddle too) would have the Defense Professor permissions.

I mostly assumed that the map and the wards are two different systems, maybe not crafted by the same person (not the same founder if they were made by the 4 founders, or by different headmasters if they were added afterwards).

Comment author: avichapman 06 March 2015 12:11:36AM 1 point [-]

In canon, the map was made by Harry's dad and his three friends.

Comment author: knb 05 March 2015 08:39:01AM 8 points [-]

They will have to find the wand first:

Voldemort's gun, and his wand, went into Harry's pouch. Harry placed the Stone of Permanency in an ordinary pocket, he wasn't sure what the Stone might do to his pouch.

Comment author: avichapman 05 March 2015 08:46:20PM 7 points [-]

QuirrelMort's wand is in Quirrel's hand.

Harry went to where Quirrell lay, and straightened out the body as best he could, and put Quirrell's wand into his hand.

Voldemorts wand is the one that Harry took.

Comment author: avichapman 05 March 2015 03:39:09AM 6 points [-]

After rereading, I beleive that Mr White is Lucius Malfoy. Not only is the name an allusion to his hair, he is said to be less useful than he was in the past due to the fact that V will soon rule openly. In the past Lucius was V's puppet in the Wizengamot.

Mr Write then proceeds to sacrifice most of his magic to bind Harry Potter. I suppose with him dead, this doesn't matter.

Comment author: kilobug 04 March 2015 09:30:27AM 2 points [-]

From chapter 94 :

Slowly the boy sat up in bed, his hands momentarily fiddling beneath the covers.

I assume that he swapped the Hermione-toering with the portkey-toering at this point, leaving the Hermione-toering beneath the covers, or making it drop into the moleskin pouch, or something like that.

Comment author: avichapman 04 March 2015 09:07:14PM 0 points [-]

I remember that part too. I had thought that they had searched all of Harry's things. Upon re-reading the relevant part of Chapter 94, I now realise that they only searched his trunk and mokeskin pouch. If he left it in his bed it would have escaped detection.

Comment author: Mperv 04 March 2015 08:41:49PM *  3 points [-]

"Other living weapons cannot be Transfigured; they will not survive the disenchantment for the requisite six hours to avoid being traced by Time-Turner."

So, how does Harry plan to evade been traced by Time-Turner?

Is it correct that Voldemort will die when he will be disenchanted?

By the way, why did Voldemort make a description of Hermione resurrection ritual and put it in a pouch if he planed to kill Harry anyway?

Comment author: avichapman 04 March 2015 08:46:48PM 2 points [-]

By the way, why did Voldemort make a description of Hermione resurrection ritual and put it in a pouch if he planed to kill Harry anyway?

He was planning for the possibility of failure. If he failed to kill Harry, he wanted Harry to always have Hermione to consult.

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