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Comment author: Dustin 21 September 2017 02:26:17PM *  4 points [-]

I'm a little confused about how to use my current LW account over there.

If I click "forgot my password" I never get an email, even though I have an email address tied to my LW account.

ETA: nothing in my span folder when I search for "lesser"

Comment author: blob 22 September 2017 06:26:24AM *  0 points [-]

I have the same problem with a gmail account. I've tried several times, checked spam, searched. I assume google didn't accept the email.

EDIT: One of them arrived now.

Comment author: pepe_prime 13 September 2017 01:20:21PM 10 points [-]

[Survey Taken Thread]

By ancient tradition, if you take the survey you may comment saying you have done so here, and people will upvote you and you will get karma.

Let's make these comments a reply to this post. That way we continue the tradition, but keep the discussion a bit cleaner.

Comment author: blob 16 September 2017 12:42:55PM 16 points [-]

I've taken the survey.

Meetup : AI safety Berlin

0 blob 08 December 2016 02:36PM

Discussion article for the meetup : AI safety Berlin

WHEN: 07 January 2017 04:00:00PM (+0100)

WHERE: U Mendelssohn-Bartholdy-Park, Berlin, Germany

We invite everyone with a technical interest in AI safety to a get-together in the Bayesment (see below) on Saturday, January 7th 16:00 - 20:00. Sign up here.

We’re looking forward to meeting everyone with an interest in AI safety research, no matter whether you’re just getting started or already working in the field. After the intro round (which starts 16:30) we expect we’ll be talking about prerequisites, approaches and current developments. In particular: What’s the path for engaged people to start contributing usefully?

To give focus to the meeting we’d like to exclude discussion of “is AI safety a problem?”.

We will probably be ordering dinner.

Sign up

Best, Dima and Christian

[1] Hafenplatz 5, 10963 Berlin, near S Anhalter Bahnhof and U Mendelssohn-Bartholdy-Park, Doorbell says Schreiber / Wissemann, 5th floor and to the right

Discussion article for the meetup : AI safety Berlin

Meetup : LessWrong Community Weekend

1 blob 10 January 2016 03:39PM

Discussion article for the meetup : LessWrong Community Weekend

WHEN: 02 September 2016 03:35:00PM (+0100)

WHERE: JH Wannsee, Badeweg 1, 14129 Berlin

We are happy to announce the LessWrong Community Weekend 2016! From September 2 to September 4 awesome people from all across Europe are coming to Berlin to meet, exchange ideas, and start projects together.

Details at: http://lesswrong.com/lw/n33/european_community_weekend_2016/

Discussion article for the meetup : LessWrong Community Weekend

Comment author: blob 04 January 2016 06:15:23AM 2 points [-]

Here's a concrete anecdote related to the "Do-gooding and epistemic rationality" part.

One of the key benefits I got from the workshop I attended in 2014 was clearer perception and acceptance of my goals.

"I don't know what's important to me beyond myself, family, friends" and "It doesn't seem like I really care about the world" (donating to EA charities seemed like a should) got changed. I do care, and already did before the workshop. It seems like the goals hadn't propagated fully, I hadn't accepted them - possibly because of the scope, the stakes and the implications of taking them seriously.

I have a clear memory of this shift happening because the question "Given these goals, is what you're currently doing correct?" popped up for real the first time. It was great to be able to talk about it directly.

Comment author: Tenoke 20 December 2015 12:20:22PM 8 points [-]

What is the latest time that I can sign up and realistically expect that there'll be spaces left? I am interested, but I can't really commit 10 months in advance.

Comment author: blob 26 December 2015 10:50:22AM 3 points [-]

There's a good chance you'll be able to participate even if you sign up late. We plan for more participants this time (100 instead of 80) and will also stagger signups in a way keeps some tickets available until a month in advance. If you want to be sure, committing now remains the best option though.

Comment author: RichardKennaway 08 November 2014 06:00:29PM 2 points [-]

What language will proceedings generally be conducted in? Alas, the only one I speak is English.

Comment author: blob 19 November 2014 06:34:05PM 1 point [-]

There'll be many international participants so the official proceedings and most informal discussion will be conducted in English.

Meetup : European Community Weekend 2015

1 blob 21 October 2014 02:55PM

Discussion article for the meetup : European Community Weekend 2015

WHEN: 12 June 2015 12:00:00PM (+0200)

WHERE: Berlin

This is the meetup post for the LWCW2015

Discussion article for the meetup : European Community Weekend 2015

Comment author: vollmer 19 October 2014 06:22:56PM 9 points [-]

I'd appreciate greatly if I could fill in the second part of the form at a later date, maybe ~3 months prior to the weekend.

Comment author: blob 20 October 2014 03:51:08AM 7 points [-]

Of course it will also be possible to offer contributing content at a later point. There will be an additional "call for papers" at a date closer to the actual event.

European Community Weekend 2014 retrospective

23 blob 29 April 2014 02:08PM

So finally - with two weeks distance to the first European LessWrong Community Weekend - we want to share the organizers’ perception of the event, including a short overview of what went well, what did not and what exceeded our expectations.

First and foremost we thank all the participants and speakers for helping us in making this such a great weekend. We had an incredible time and are very happy everything worked out as well as it did. In our opinion the event was a great success! Meeting everyone was excellent and we look forward to running a similar yet improved event in the future.

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