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I'm Ben Trettel. Currently I am a PhD student in mechanical engineering at the University of Texas at Austin.

Feedback is highly valuable. You are more than welcome to correct me if I say anything false or less than justified. Examples:

With that being said, one of the more annoying parts of LessWrong is being downvoted without explanation. I tend to take downvoting without explanation to mean either a) the downvoting user's reasons for downvoting are weak or b) the downvoting user is too busy to explain. If you plan on downvoting me, I implore you to also provide a reason. Do you want to punish me for having "bad" views, or would you rather offer me the opportunity to change my views? Some of the most useful information I have received was criticism, so again, I encourage you to not withhold that from me.

User Info
I'm interested in business networking.
I'm open to unsolicited messages.
I operate under Crocker's rules.