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Hi. I'm Gareth McCaughan. I've been a consistent reader and occasional commenter since the Overcoming Bias days.

My LW username is "gjm" (not "Gjm" despite the wiki software's preference for that capitalization). Elsewehere I generally go by one of "g", "gjm", or "gjm11".

I have a website and blog, neither of which has been substantially updated in about the last four years: http://www.mccaughan.org.uk/g/

I live near Cambridge (UK) and work for a small technology company in Cambridge. My business cards say "mathematician" but in practice my work is a mixture of simulation, data analysis, algorithm design, software development, problem-solving, and whatever random engineering no one else is doing.

I am married and have a daughter born in mid-2006.

The best way to contact me is by email: firstname dot lastname at pobox dot com. I am happy to be emailed out of the blue by interesting people. If you are an LW regular you are almost certainly an interesting person in the relevant sense.

Per the suggestion at http://lesswrong.com/r/discussion/lw/k43/lesswrongwiki_user_pages_underutilized_tag/, some more specific information about what sort of contact I'm happy with:

  • Business networking: Yes, but be aware that I already have a job that I like pretty well.
  • Dating: No, I'm married and not looking for extra partners.
  • Answering questions on any given topic: Yes, anything you have any reason to suspect I might be able to help with.
  • Proofreading requests: Yes; I will do this extremely well but may take some time to reply.
  • Crocker's Rules: Please be as blunt as you please, but if you are taking advantage of this to say something that would be obnoxious without this permission then please say so so I know you aren't acting with the intention to annoy or offend.