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Comment author: Raemon 13 May 2017 09:01:39PM 3 points [-]

This felt important but I'm not quite sure what my next action is supposed to be.

Comment author: jb55 14 May 2017 12:03:30AM 0 points [-]

The end had some good pointers:

seek detail you would not normally notice about the world. When you go for a walk, notice the unexpected detail in a flower or what the seams in the road imply about how the road was built. When you talk to someone who is smart but just seems so wrong, figure out what details seem important to them and why.

Comment author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 23 November 2010 05:49:49AM 5 points [-]

Having a spiral of green energy is subtle.

Calling it the Breaking Drill Hex is less subtle.

Having the incantation being "Lagann!" is not subtle at all.

There are subtle references in there, but that ain't one of them.

Comment author: jb55 23 November 2010 11:09:44PM 2 points [-]

I look forward to your GL fanfic where Simon pierces the heavens with his unrivalled knowledge of AI and Robotic systems.

Comment author: jb55 23 November 2010 02:46:29AM 0 points [-]

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, did anyone else catch the Gurren Lagann reference? Very subtle Eliezer, I almost missed it.

Comment author: jb55 23 November 2010 12:17:59AM *  1 point [-]

I put together a repository for print-friendly versions of the Sequences. It consists of a pretty naive scraper which I feed into pandoc. It spits out markdown documents which I then convert to epub, pdf, etc.

I have the first two sequences completed and I plan on doing all of them eventually. Check it out: