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In response to Applause Lights
Comment author: jeromeapura 25 August 2011 11:37:59AM 0 points [-]

You got him on nice Socratic question. Well, a good question seeks good idea and eliminate inane idea. Nice

Comment author: CuSithBell 25 June 2011 02:59:18PM 3 points [-]

Your comment is going to be downvoted a lot.

If you want to make your comments useful, then you should try to make your thoughts more clear and coherent. You seem to be trying to say a lot of things without really explaining what any of them mean. "This"? "Machines"? What are you trying to say?

It also appears that English may not be your first language. People here probably won't hold that against you, but you should use simple grammar that you can understand. If you can write in correct English grammar, then please take a few seconds to do so when you write a post.

Comment author: jeromeapura 29 June 2011 12:24:33PM 3 points [-]

Thanks for advice. You're right. You know, this is my fourth language since I have three more native language. I will be careful next time. Well, I'm not really motivated for some votes but I'm motivated for those ideas that I could read. Thanks a lot.