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Comment author: Ian_C. 10 December 2007 10:44:56AM 0 points [-]

"Is there any reason in particular that you think that adults are so different from children?"

I believe the main determinant of how people act is their ideas (as against biology or some other factor). So choosing a group of people to represent society who likely have a far narrower set of ideas than actual society is probably a bad experiment. Because it's not just any old difference, it's a difference in the main causal factor.

Comment author: kayla 11 September 2009 05:23:06PM 1 point [-]

Children are a good representative sample for society. It is proven that and type of group, no matter the age, will act in the same way. with leaders followers and the middle ground people. Regardless if the group consists of children or adults, a group with that same common goal and ideas with have the same reactions.