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About me

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business networking
I'm open to unsolicited messages.
I operate under Crocker's rules.

I'm Matthew Fallshaw (LinkedIn), holder of various titles & roles at MIRI, TrikeApps, Bellroy, Radiopaedia, and Investling. In the Investling group we're pretty keen on improvement - ours, this community's, and the rest of the world's - and help out or have helped out by:

You might be able to help, or we may be able to help you: We're recruiting for various roles in our group. See http://trikeapps.com/jobs and http://bellroy.com/jobs/. We try hard to be Effective Altruists, so your efforts if you work for us contribute to large scale altruist projects.

If you have a project you think Investling might be interested in, feel free to reach out (but we're looking for large impact and our existing projects are having large impact - your idea is only going to get our attention if it's better than wherever our capital or time is currently invested).