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Comment author: ArisKatsaris 01 June 2017 06:17:54AM 0 points [-]

Other Media Thread

Comment author: morganism 25 June 2017 11:24:50PM 0 points [-]

Origami anything

New algorithm generates practical paper-folding patterns to produce any 3-D structure.



Comment author: ArisKatsaris 01 June 2017 06:17:54AM 0 points [-]

Other Media Thread

Comment author: morganism 24 June 2017 09:07:50PM 0 points [-]

Measuring the Progress of AI Research

This pilot project collects problems and metrics/datasets from the AI research literature, and tracks progress on them.


"What we have thus far is an experiment, and we’d like to know: Is this information useful to the machine learning community? What important problems, datasets, and results are we missing?"

Comment author: ArisKatsaris 01 June 2017 06:17:54AM 0 points [-]

Other Media Thread

Comment author: morganism 16 June 2017 08:05:24AM 0 points [-]

Quantum Mechanics without the maths or philosophy (visualizations)


"I've tried to present most of an undergraduate physics course in quantum mechanics using just animations instead of equations. There will undoubtably be parts that don't make sense, and there is a lot of detail that you can't get without the maths. But hopefully this introduction will give more understanding of what quantum mechanics actually is and says than the hundreds of articles that mainly enumerate "weirdnesses" that quantum mechanics has. I think understanding the Schrödinger equation is much closer to understanding quantum mechanics than understanding that quantum mechanics entails quantum tunneling, things popping into existence, wave-particle duality, or the inevitable (and philosophically important) multiple universes interpretations."

Comment author: morganism 15 June 2017 07:30:04PM 1 point [-]

As Many Americans Have Criminal Records As College Diplomas (2015)


"Today, nearly one-third of the adult working age population has a criminal record. America now houses roughly the same number people with criminal records as it does four-year college graduates .

Nearly half of black males and almost 40 percent of white males are arrested by the age 23.

If all arrested Americans were a nation, they would be the world’s 18th largest. Larger than Canada. Larger than France. More than three times the size of Australia.

Comment author: morganism 14 June 2017 11:48:22PM 1 point [-]

Gene-Editing Companies Hit Back at Paper That Criticized CRISPR

“In our opinion the conclusions drawn from this study are unsubstantiated by the disclosed experiments,”

other scientists quickly pointed out basic mistakes in the paper, including misidentifying genes, the small number of animals involved and, most seriously, that it had mislabeled normal genetic differences between animals as the result of CRISPR editing."


companies lost a billion in valuation, maybe a buying opportunity ?

Comment author: ArisKatsaris 01 June 2017 06:18:39AM 0 points [-]

Short Online Texts Thread

Comment author: morganism 07 June 2017 07:02:40AM 1 point [-]

6 things to keep in mind if you read cancer-related news in the next few days


"These are mostly unpublished, preliminary results. Abstracts that are released at a major medical conference are snippets of studies that usually have not been peer-reviewed nor published in medical journals. They should be approached with great caution. Without reading through the full details of a study, it’s impossible to know important limitations, such as a high drop-out rate among the treatment group. We also can’t see the list of adverse events. Many studies presented as meeting abstracts may never even get published in a journal."

and tips for analyzing studies


Comment author: morganism 07 June 2017 03:47:37AM 0 points [-]

Aluminum Should Now Be Considered a Primary Etiological Factor in Alzheimer’s Disease

"We also know that the addition of aluminum to feed or water exacerbates the many symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in these animal models"

"We have recently completed the first ever study on the aluminum content of brain tissue from donors who died with a diagnosis of familial Alzheimer’s disease [13]. The data, supported by complementary imaging using fluorescence microscopy [14], revealed some of the highest concentrations of aluminum ever measured in human brain tissue. These seminal findings suggest that AαPP and mutations associated with its metabolism and enzymatic processing predispose individuals to a more rapid accumulation and/or longer retention of aluminum in brain tissue."

In response to Basic Income. org
Comment author: morganism 05 June 2017 10:44:42PM 0 points [-]

How to Reform Welfare and Taxes to Provide Every American Citizen with a Basic Income A detailed funding plan for cross-partisan implementation of universal basic income in the United States


i especially like this part

Seigniorage reform

and the clawback of funds from a nationwide VAT tax is progressive , but we need the local cities to do the important classification of local infrastructure, so don't know how that works out.

Good article tho, from one of the moderators on r/basic income

Comment author: ArisKatsaris 01 June 2017 06:18:39AM 0 points [-]

Short Online Texts Thread

Comment author: morganism 05 June 2017 10:06:30PM *  1 point [-]
Comment author: tcheasdfjkl 01 June 2017 03:47:27AM 3 points [-]

I'm new on this site (though I've been in other rationalist spaces) and have some technical questions!

  1. How do I upvote things? I do not see an upvote button. Is something broken or am I missing something?

  2. On mobile (Android), I can type a comment but I cannot submit it (there is no submit button). Is this a known issue, or again, am I missing something?

Comment author: morganism 04 June 2017 09:20:22PM 0 points [-]

you also need to authorize "Vigilink cdn" in your browser, it's some kind of re-direct, and secure add-on disable it.

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