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Just pick a field and master it...

-9 mormon1 12 April 2009 05:18PM

Rationallity is not an end its a means to an end its a tool that one can use. People should spend more of their time actually mastering fields such as AI, or math or physics rather then trying to be a "rationalist". Many of the posts and comments made on this group are made without knowledge or without sufficent knowledge of the field in question. Being a rationalist doesn't qualify you to speak on a topic without actually mastering it. As for the rest of this blog it seems to be made up of a collection of trivial observations, parroted observations, sucking up to Eliezer and a vast amount of hand waving. Rather then devoting yourself to being as rational as possible and most of you in doing this seem to miss the other key point mastering the knowledge of the field that you wish to be rational in/about.

Eliezer is perfect example here he worked in AI but couldn't do the math (he even states he is not a mathematican he wrote an entire series on QM with no mathematical rigor as if the QM theory is not contained in the math and the english is a side point) so he started blogging about rationality. This is just an escape from actually engaging in the field of AI meaning publishing technical papers and while he claims he doesn't care to publish this is of course counter to his stated desire to create a FAI. If EY really wanted to make a difference in AI he would publish technical papers (meaning with math and worked out theories none of this nambi-pambi philosphy junk).


You should all try this just for S&Gs

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