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Comment author: Will_Pearson 20 March 2008 09:43:40AM -1 points [-]

"Your choice is either:

* Decide that things are allowed to be unmagical, knowable, scientifically explicable, in a word, real, and yet still worth caring about; * Or go about the rest of your life suffering from existential ennui that is unresolvable."

A few comments. Do all people have this choice? What do you exactly mean about a choice anyway? Surely their past experience will determine their answer to this question.

Isn't there other paths people take? Immersing themselves into the fantasies of celebrities or WoW, ignoring the dull real.

Comment author: mraxilus 05 November 2014 09:54:57AM 0 points [-]

Fair point, I never really considered that. It also tends to be the path followed by a large portion of our population.