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Comment author: Furcas 29 July 2014 03:31:58AM 3 points [-]

In his latest newsletter Louie Helm advises taking "activated" vitamin D in the form of Calcitriol or Paricalcitol, to raise one's Klotho levels, which is likely to increase one's IQ and longevity if you don't already have the gene for it. Since Calcitriol and Paricalcitol aren't over-the-counter, what would be the best way to acquire some?


Comment author: niceguyanon 29 July 2014 05:26:48PM 1 point [-]

Check the comments near the bottom. Not the pet pharmacy link.

Comment author: ChristianKl 29 July 2014 03:35:50PM 1 point [-]

Its safety track record seems to be intact.

I'm not sure that they did run sufficient experiments to demonstrate safety.

Comment author: niceguyanon 29 July 2014 04:35:45PM 1 point [-]

I'll admit that the basis for my statement is from the seemingly lack of much negative user reports or studies that reported high negative reactions regarding safety, rather than experiments specifically demonstrating safety.

Comment author: niceguyanon 29 July 2014 03:31:58PM 3 points [-]

A quick search for tDCS did not turn up any major discussion newer than 2012 on LW. tDCS devices are now sub $100. Its safety track record seems to be intact. I bought one. There are places to discuss tDCS like on subreddits but I'd like to restart the conversation here with you rationalists.

Recently Radiolab did a piece about it

Comment author: lirene 12 June 2014 02:53:47PM 6 points [-]

I'd like to pitch the identity angle, which worked for me very well (your mileage may vary, of course). I ate very little processed sugar foods (chocolate, cookies, etc) at various points in my life due to what I saw myself as:

  • "I'm not the kind of person who eats processed foods, because processed foods are yucky" is part of our family lore and works to this day
  • "I'm not the kind of person to waste money on things like cookies if I can make them myself for less" arose during a low-income but savvy time. It works because when you bake cookies/cakes yourself you're free to use much less sugar.
  • "I'm the kind of person who enjoys simple foods/Sugary foods are an indulgence, so of course I don't eat a lot of them", my current one.
  • "I can get addicted to substances very easily, so better not overdo it" (also works for alcohol)
  • "I'm the kind of person who doesn't snack between meals, because it's uncultured" - trying to incorporate into my identity at the moment.

Once something is part of your identity, following it becomes a joyful, self-affirming activity rather than a willpower drain.

I also found that when I'm eating common supermarket sweets, I eat a lot because I try to satisfy a craving for flavour that these foods lack. If I substitute them with home-baked flavourful cakes or good chocolate, I tend to eat much less, since my craving is satisfied with the first bite. I'm not sure how making a calorie-rich food (that you don't eat a lot of) flavourful influences your body fat setpoint though (http://wholehealthsource.blogspot.jp/2011/04/food-reward-dominant-factor-in-obesity.html).

Comment author: niceguyanon 13 June 2014 04:29:48PM *  2 points [-]

I have a reputation for not liking sugar and thinking that most desserts are too sweet. The degree that I would have disliked sugar, sans my reputation for disliking it, has become blurry. Not sure where other people's expectations of me stop and my own preferences begin.

I also find the response from others, is generally more positive in their opinion on why you are refraining from sweets, if it is because you don't like it. There is something about people that likes to tempt others in to failure, and not maliciously. For example, if someone is having a cookie and someone else is in the room who also likes to eat cookies, but is controlling their impulses, you will might hear "come on just have one with me" or even guilting them or mock their diet. No one does this to me because they know me as a person who does not like sugar.

Comment author: niceguyanon 11 June 2014 04:32:04PM *  5 points [-]

I frequently see parents stressing out and forcing their kids (3+) to eat or eat enough, when the kids don't want to eat. So which one is it? Do kids really lack the capacity start eating before it becomes unhealthy and need to be coerced.... or are parents doing something irrational?

Comment author: niceguyanon 03 June 2014 04:50:16PM *  5 points [-]

I just discovered a very useful way to improve my comfort and posture while sitting in chairs not my own. If you travel a lot or are constantly changing workstations or just want to improve your current set up – buy contact shelf lining, the one with no-slip grip.

The liner adds grip to chairs that either 1. do not adequately recline or 2. reclines but you may tend to slide off (slippery leather chairs). Recently I was provided with a stiff non-reclining wood chair and it was killing my back. Every time I relaxed into the back rest I started to slide down and my posture was terrible and my back hurt. I picked mine up at target

I can't believe it took me this long to discover this, it has greatly improved my comfort.

Edit: In case directions are necessary, place the liner (cut to appropriate length) on the seat not the back rest.

Comment author: Qiaochu_Yuan 31 May 2014 10:52:10PM *  4 points [-]

My body itches uncomfortably whenever I start exercising or am embarrassed. This is causing me to avoid exercise and thinking about things that cause me embarrassment, some of which are problems in my life I should be solving. Does anyone know what this kind of reaction is called and what I can do to get rid of it?

(Previously I thought the itching was being caused by heat, sunlight, or my detergent, but I've since changed to a gentler detergent and I still get this reaction even when I'm not particularly hot or exposed to much sunlight.)

Comment author: niceguyanon 03 June 2014 05:18:39AM 0 points [-]

I'd like to tack on to this question by asking about itching and the onset of sleeping. Someone I know has a serious enough problem of getting very itchy right before sleeping, to the point of not being able to sleep. My first guess was dust mites, but freshly laundered sheets do not stop the itching, and no itching occurs when wearing days old jeans.

Comment author: jimrandomh 23 May 2014 10:58:01PM 5 points [-]

There is a rumor that this coin was 50% pre-mined. If that's true, or if you don't know what this means, then you should not be spending your money on it.

Comment author: niceguyanon 23 May 2014 11:12:01PM 7 points [-]

Regarding what you are talking about:


Comment author: niceguyanon 23 May 2014 10:49:39PM 1 point [-]

If this newcomer delivers on what it promises, it would be a game changer. I haven't done much research on darkcoin until now, and found this anonymous source indicating that darkcoin's source will made open around June. My major concern if I was an investor would be whether or not when made open, will there be any major flaws and exploits? Predictions anyone?

Also, where can I read more?

Comment author: niceguyanon 23 May 2014 09:40:25AM 1 point [-]

I find using a chess timer in conjunction with Pomodoros helpful in restricting break time overflow. Tracking work vs break time via the chess timer motivates me to keep the ratio in check. It is also satisfying to get your "score" up; a high work to break ratio at the end of a session feels good.

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