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Comment author: ASIMOVx 11 September 2016 07:30:47PM -1 points [-]
Comment author: nino 19 September 2016 12:33:16PM 1 point [-]

[I'm one of the organizers of this years Community Weekend.]

Since the community weekend's focus is on building community, we decided to only accept speakers who are also regular participants. We offered this option to Bachir but didn't receive any further messages.

Comment author: FourFire 25 May 2016 08:55:01AM 0 points [-]

How is availability right now?

I'm looking to attend at least one Community event this year.

Comment author: nino 29 May 2016 12:47:02PM 1 point [-]

There are about 20 spots left and we seem to be getting 5–15 sign-ups per month. So if you want to attend, don't wait too long :)

Comment author: Tenoke 20 December 2015 12:20:22PM 8 points [-]

What is the latest time that I can sign up and realistically expect that there'll be spaces left? I am interested, but I can't really commit 10 months in advance.

Comment author: nino 22 December 2015 03:03:01PM 1 point [-]

I can't give you an exact time, but if you need a few months until you can sign up, your chances will be improved by providing content (e.g. lightning talks). If I remember correctly, last time it took about 6 months until all spots were filled, but it may well be sooner this time.

European Community Weekend 2016

18 nino 16 December 2015 06:25PM

We are happy to announce the LessWrong Community Weekend 2016! From September 2 to September 4 awesome people from all across Europe are coming to Berlin to meet, exchange ideas, and start projects together.

The event will happen at Jugendherberge Wannsee which features several seminar rooms for talks, workshops, and discussions, as well as comfortable open spaces to socialize and relax. It also provides on-site accommodation (shared rooms, 4 beds) for everyone.

Costs are €150. This includes accommodation for two nights, meals and snacks, and a welcome lunch on Friday.

Like the last two years the event will have some long-form talks, workshops and group activities. However, the weekend is largely participant-driven: There’ll be lots of free space for offering talks and activities of your own. (examples from last year: lightning talks, workouts before meals, improv singing, acrobatics, swimming in the lake, stargazing, …) Providing a space that’s suitable for forming bonds between people and reconnecting with friends is a major focus.

You don’t need to be able to speak German to attend. Nearly all talks and discussions will be in English.

Last time a number of people stayed a couple of days longer to explore Berlin, go bouldering etc. That was super fun and we invite you to plan for it. We will coordinate couch-surfing opportunities to avoid the need for boring hotels.

To sign up, fill out this form.


When: Friday September 2, 12:00 – Sunday September 4, 18:00, 2016
Where: Jugendherberge Am Wannsee, Berlin
Price: €150
Sign-up: here

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us at lwcw.europe@gmail.com.

Looking forward to seeing you there,
Nino, Christian, Marcel, Daniel, J*, Alexander, Irina
LessWrong Deutschland e.V.

Comment author: Document 12 November 2015 04:10:51AM *  0 points [-]

Thanks! Downloaded; I don't know whether I'll actually read it (it being apparently over 476,000 words), but it's great to have.

Did you use the method RicardoFonseca described?

Comment author: nino 16 November 2015 05:58:01PM 3 points [-]

I actually went through every post and manually copied out the relevant part of the html code. Then I pasted everything into my text editor (fun fact: vim got quite slow handling the >3mb html file, but emacs handled the task really well) and cleaned it up, replacing all <br><br>'s with </p><p> and such. Then I put all the pictures into a folder and changed the references to point to my local files. Then I put it into calibre to create the epub and mobi versions.

In retrospect, I should have just written a script to do all that because it took way too long. The script would have had to handle the different sites differently (especially the livejournal stuff is pretty messy), but it would have been so much faster. Like seriously.

Comment author: Fluttershy 13 October 2015 04:22:43AM 0 points [-]

I've been doing a version of intermittent fasting in which I eat one meal per day for around three months now, and I've lost a lot of weight. However, I've been having acid reflux (minus the heartburn) for slightly longer than this, and despite having been on a strong dose of generic Proton Pump Inhibitor for the last two and a half months, I'm still suffering quite a bit. It also seems like eating a lot at once can exacerbate acid reflux, so I'm considering going back to a regular diet for a while to see what happens. Maybe I'll try eating exactly twice a day, first. Since it seems like intermittent fasting is somewhat common here, has anyone else had similar issues?

Comment author: nino 13 October 2015 06:52:22AM 3 points [-]

I started an IF schedule where I eat from 4pm until 8pm a few months ago. I did have acid reflux issues in the beginning, but that stopped after a couple of weeks. In my experience, the acid reflux is worse if you eat shortly before going to bed. (In the beginning I ate until 9pm and went to bed at 10pm. Now I'm eating from 5pm to about 6:30 and go to bed at 10, with no problems. (I've had a sore throat for the last 4 years or so, but other than the acid reflux thing when I started IF, this has pretty much remained unchanged, so I'm assuming the intermittent fasting isn't making it better or worse.))

So you could try taking a ≈2h break before going to bed (if you're not doing that already), eating twice a day, experimenting with different foods, talking to a doctor, and if you still feel bad after that, I would suggest going back to a regular diet. Three months seems like enough time for the body to adjust as much as it's ever going to.

Comment author: Techmech 12 October 2015 11:41:07AM 5 points [-]

I'm new here. Been lurking occasionally for a few weeks. I have finally signed up. On principle should I avoid voting? (For the time being?)

Comment author: nino 12 October 2015 02:17:42PM 5 points [-]

What reasons would you have for not voting?

Comment author: jaime2000 06 October 2015 04:10:02AM *  1 point [-]

Thank you! The book is fantastic. Combined with The Sequences ebooks that are already floating around (Eliezer Yudkowsky Blog Posts, 2006-2010: An Unofficial Compendium, Rationality: From AI to Zombies, and The Hanson-Yudkowsky AI-Foom Debate) it is now possible for someone to get most of the insights of the rationalist community distilled into extremely efficient book formats.

Do let me know if anything's massively broken.

A large number of posts have extraneous > characters. The affected posts appear to be either SSC posts in which the > character appears at the start of a blockquote and LiveJournal posts in which the > character appears after and in between paragraphs. Examples of the former include "Meditations on Moloch," "Misperceptions on Moloch," and "Book Review: Red Plenty," while examples of the latter include "The Meditation on Creepiness", "The Meditation on Superweapons," and "The Meditation on the War on Applause Lights."

Also, the title of "We Wrestle Not With Flesh And Blood, But Against Powers And Principalitiebs" should be "We Wrestle Not With Flesh And Blood, But Against Powers And Principalities". I normally wouldn't report a typo, but this one appears to have been introduced by the ebook process; the mistake is not in the original article, nor is it on the list of titles RobbBB provided.

Comment author: nino 06 October 2015 08:47:16AM 5 points [-]

Well that's embarrassing. Thanks for the info! Should be fixed now.

Comment author: Document 14 September 2015 06:27:58AM 10 points [-]

Any chance of a combined ebook version?

Comment author: nino 05 October 2015 11:07:51AM 7 points [-]

I made epub and mobi versions. Download here. They contain links to all original posts, so anyone who wants to look at comments can click on the title of each post to do that.

Do let me know if anything's massively broken.