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In response to comment by oge on Where are we?
Comment author: DragonGod 28 August 2017 08:02:32PM 0 points [-]

I live in Lagos, but I'm currently at my University; it's in Ogun state.

You're (presumably) Nigerian as well (Yoruba from your name)?

In response to comment by DragonGod on Where are we?
Comment author: oge 29 August 2017 08:52:52PM 0 points [-]

Haha, I live in Lagos too. One day we'll have a proper meetup :)

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Comment author: DragonGod 24 August 2017 09:22:25PM 1 point [-]

I'm from Nigeria.

In response to comment by DragonGod on Where are we?
Comment author: oge 26 August 2017 01:25:20PM 0 points [-]

Where in Nigeria?

Comment author: The_Jaded_One 05 January 2015 11:39:39AM *  1 point [-]

since it's acting to lift these societies from a bad equilibrium

If I agreed with this then I'd be more positive about givewell. I think it's wishful thinking, though. In reality, societies in Africa are not in a bad equilibrium primarily because of malaria or malnutrition, they're in a bad equilibrium because of the backwards values that African people hold, such as loyalty to the tribe/extended family rather than the state, lack of support for western values like accountable government, basic rationality, equality under the law, fair enforcement of contracts, etc. We don't hear much about this because it doesn't fit with the political narrative of the kind of people who spend their time trying to help the third world.

Malnutrition is the visible surface symptom of "these are uncivilised, backwards people caught in a series of petty tribal wars".

EDIT: Just let me disclaim that this is not supposed to be an excuse to not help the developing world. I think we should help them, but not by giving out food or bed nets or medicine. They need better political and value systems, which we could (and should) give them via charter cities.

Comment author: oge 27 July 2017 03:58:45PM 1 point [-]

Malnutrition is the visible surface symptom of "these are uncivilised, backwards people caught in a series of petty tribal wars".

I agree.

Could you tell me how you came about the list of African backward values? I currently live in an African country; I'd like the names of all the values I'd need to instil to avoid seeing preventable suffering around me.

(FYI I'd thought that having a public list of salaries and paying higher taxes, a la Norway, would be mostly sufficient to fix things)

Comment author: oge 06 July 2017 10:06:12PM 2 points [-]

Perhaps put these files up on the Internet Archive (http://archive.org/upload/) so they're preserved "forever"

Comment author: turchin 04 July 2017 10:43:24PM 1 point [-]

I think that theory of final goals should not be about happiness and sufferings.

My final goals are about infinite evolution etc, and suffering is just a signal that I choose a wrong path or have to call 911. If we fight with the signal, we forget to change the reality and start to live in illusion.

Moreover, I think that value of to be alive is more important than value of happiness.

Comment author: oge 06 July 2017 10:00:15PM 0 points [-]

Hey, turchin, do you mind explaining how you came about your final goals i.e. infinite evolution?

I'm looking for a way to test which final goal is more right. My current best guess for my final goal is, "avoiding pain and promoting play" and I've heard someone say, alternatively "beauty in the universe and eyes to see it." It would be neat if these different goals are reconcilable in some way.

Comment author: SquirrelInHell 16 June 2017 05:48:49PM 0 points [-]

I disagree, but I would hate to press my opinion on this in any way

Comment author: oge 25 June 2017 04:15:44PM 0 points [-]

I would love to hear your opinion since I have many loved ones currently planning to have kids. Do you mind DMing me your opinion?

Comment author: oge 11 June 2017 04:13:35PM 0 points [-]

Hi SquirrellInHell, how would you respond to the comment left on the original post that having kids is likely net bad for the kids but net good for the world?

Instead, the process you describe of "overthinking your motivations" and acting on abstract reasoning has led me to believe that having kids actually harms the kids. I'm not sacrificing their lives to the altruism of letting them improve the lives of everyone else.

Comment author: oge 26 May 2017 03:06:04PM 2 points [-]

Hey Duncan, where can I sign up for this?

Comment author: Raemon 01 April 2017 06:53:47PM 10 points [-]

I'll be making sure there are notes from the Berkeley unconference. If you're interested in doing something vaguely-similar in your own neck of the woods, I recommend commenting here to see if others are interested (and/or reaching out through whatever your usual community-channels are).

My past experience is it hasn't been been worth it to arrange skyping in for this sort of event, but I think it'd be worth collaborating on ideas beforehand and sharing notes afterwards between people in different geographic locations.

Comment author: oge 17 May 2017 08:14:05AM 1 point [-]

Hey Ray, would you mind posting the notes from the unconference? With the CFAR hackathon coming up, the notes might give me ideas of hacks to work on.

Comment author: Alicorn 17 March 2017 01:46:56AM 21 points [-]

If you like this idea but have nothing much to say please comment under this comment so there can be a record of interested parties.

Comment author: oge 18 March 2017 11:42:14AM 0 points [-]

Hear! Hear!!

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