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Comment author: alex_zag_al 22 September 2012 07:20:58PM 1 point [-]

The color of the sky isn't really that important, though. Especially considering the discovery of a previously unknown world, making an effort to internalize and understand the color of the sky comes with a high opportunity cost.

Comment author: sara-34 23 February 2018 05:32:10AM 0 points [-]

How so? Would internalizing and understanding the color of the sky prevent him from exploring?

I would argue that the color of the sky does matter because all of the other reactions described are realistic reactions, and the shape of their society will be altered by this new information. It's possible that any other discovery he makes on the surface will never actually come to be appreciated or used by the rest of humanity as they fight while he's in the wilderness if he doesn't take into consideration what will happen when others see the sky..

Comment author: TheStevenator 27 July 2011 11:59:25PM 9 points [-]

Is it just me, or did Ferris have the best reaction? It seems to me that if everyone reacted this way to learning something so exciting, the world would be a much better place. it doesn't say what Ferris believed earlier, but perhaps the point is that it doesn't matter. What matters is the magic of the reality, not how it relates to prior conceptions.

Comment author: sara-34 23 February 2018 05:17:55AM 0 points [-]

Ferris definitely had the most pro-science reaction. I worry about drawing conclusions about the "best" approach out of these archetypes. Ferris is the one that doesn't think for a moment about the societal impact his discovery will have. That's OK, but it's not necessarily a good guiding principle for behavior. Everyone depicted had realistic reactions that would be viewed as better or worse by different groups.

I'm not saying that you're wrong - at all. My very first reaction was that Ferris is "right." But I think which one we think of as "right" says a lot about our existing values.