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Comment author: sdr 14 March 2017 04:34:10PM *  0 points [-]

FAI value alignment research, and cryonics are mutually inconsistent stances. Cryo resurrection will almost definitely happen by scanning & whole-brain-emulation. An EM/upload with a subjective timeline sped up to 1000x will be indistinguishable from an UFAI. Incremental value alignment results of today will be applied to your EM tomorrow.

For example, how would you feel with all your brilliant intellect, with all your inner motivational spark being looped into a rat race against 10000 copies of yours, performing work for & grounded to a baseline, where if you don't win against your own selves, all your current thoughts, and feeling, and emotions are to be permanently destroyed?

Comment author: Bound_up 04 March 2017 02:35:01AM 2 points [-]

I love idea number 1, especially. Lots of 100-word insights to scan through.

Comment author: sdr 04 March 2017 10:04:29AM *  1 point [-]

Very yes. Specifically, a bi-weekly, or monthly thread (similar to the open threads currently) of eg "Pitch your idea", with the hard-constrain for the topmost comments being 100 words at most at any given time, with optional links leading down the rabbit hole.

Edit: bonus point, but not hard requirement describing your idea in language of "up goer five" to avoid that thing where people compress by using technical words, as opposed to compressing comprehensibly. Like, what we want to achieve here is to serve as a common onboarding point for new people to get introduced to those ideas; as opposed to communicating the Theory of Everything in greek symbols.

Comment author: Osho 03 March 2017 12:34:55AM 1 point [-]

Can I subscribe via email?

Comment author: sdr 03 March 2017 09:11:16AM 2 points [-]
Comment author: gjm 24 January 2017 02:02:40PM 2 points [-]

I started to read this comment, went to upvote it, read the last paragraph, and didn't upvote.

Comment author: sdr 24 January 2017 02:09:52PM 1 point [-]

Can you point at the part which you find objectionable?

Comment author: sdr 24 January 2017 01:57:55PM *  3 points [-]

note: topic text was originally different, and included a recently-elected president's name; which would've ranked on google for related-keywords. Below is unedited comment, asking for that name not to be included

Since "Downvoting temporarily disabled", I would like to express a very, very strong disapproval of this topic being discussed on lesswrong. Rationale:

1, Politics is the mindkiller

2, It attracts the sort of people who would like to discuss these sorts of things, at the expense of those (including myself), who do not; specifically, by ranking for relevant keywords on Google (with lesswrong's reputation)

3, There exists almost the entirety of the rest of the Internet to discuss these issues, including rationality-related groups, forums, and mailing lists

4, For a specific case study, we just had a CFAR-alumni discussion group blown up by a topic similar to this, which got 100s++ replies, with no measurable convergence; which strongly implies that no, actually, we do not have a collective-intelligence / social tooling to tackle these issues yet.

For this reason, I -along with all upvoters of this comment- would like to ask for an Admin intervention, specifically by either deleting this post, or modifying it to "Metrics to evaluate a president"; that is, talking about general evaluation criterias, instead of ranking for T-related keywords.

Comment author: Error 27 November 2016 04:20:37PM 7 points [-]

Strong writers enjoy their independence.

This is, I think, the largest social obstacle to reconstitution. Crossposting blog posts from the diaspora is a decent workaround, though -- if more than a few can be convinced to do it.

Comment author: sdr 28 November 2016 06:25:28AM *  14 points [-]

Speaking as a writer for different communities, there are 2 problems with this:

  • Duplicate content: unless explicitly canonized via headers, Google is ambiguous about which version should rank for keywords. This hits small & upcoming authors like a ton of bricks, because by default, the LW version is going to get ranked (on basis of authority), and their own content will be marked both as a duplicate, and as spam, and their domain deranked as a result.

  • "An audience of your own": if a reasonable reader can reasonably assume, that "all good content will also be cross-posted to LW anyways", that strongly eliminates the reason why one should have the small blogger in their RSS reader / checking once a day in the first place.

The HN "link aggregator" model works, because by directly linking to a thing, you will bump their ranking; if it ranks up to the main page, it drives an audience there, who can be captured (via RSS, or newsletters); and therefore have limited downside of participation.

Comment author: Artaxerxes 15 November 2016 05:18:03AM *  6 points [-]

Can anyone explain to me what non-religious spirituality means, exactly? I had always thought it was an overly vague to meaningless new age term in that context but I've been hearing people like Sam Harris use the term unironically, and 5+% of LW are apparently "atheist but spiritual" according to the last survey, so I figure it's worth asking to find out if I'm missing out on something not obvious. The wikipedia page describes a lot of distinct, different ideas when it isn't impenetrable, so that didn't help. There's one line there where it says

The term "spiritual" is now frequently used in contexts in which the term "religious" was formerly employed.

and that's mostly how I'm familiar with its usage as well.

Comment author: sdr 15 November 2016 01:56:40PM *  3 points [-]

I won't speak to the content, but can wave towards the form: basically, there is a set of brain modules / neural pathways, which, when triggered by a set of thoughts, fills one with hope / drive / selflessness. Specifically for me, one of these thoughts include:

| "That was humanity in the ancient days. There was so much wrong with the world that the small resources of altruism were splintered among ten thousand urgent charities, and none of it ever seemed to go anywhere. And yet... and yet..." .. "There was a threshold crossed somewhere," said the Confessor, "without a single apocalypse to mark it. Fewer wars. Less starvation. Better technology. The economy kept growing. People had more resource to spare for charity, and the altruists had fewer and fewer causes to choose from. They came even to me, in my time, and rescued me. Earth cleaned itself up, and whenever something threatened to go drastically wrong again, the whole attention of the planet turned in that direction and took care of it. Humanity finally got its act together." Three worlds collide

How much this neural pathway is developed, and what specific form the actual software takes varies enormously between individuals. This is a problem with how atheism is being propagated currently: when you're telling a person "god does not exist", you're basically denying him the reality of this brain module, while at the same time taking away a core motivator, without substituting it with anything even barely close to it, motivation / qualia-wise.

So, my import of people checking "non-religious spirituality", is that they both have this brain module somewhat developed, and there exists some thoughts by which they can readily trigger it.

Comment author: gwern 02 November 2016 04:41:42PM *  1 point [-]

I think I will probably stop contributing to the media threads. They're not being read by many people, and it's redundant with my existing newsletter - additional work for me to post and update. If people want to see my link collection, they can simply subscribe to my newsletter or read them on my website.

Comment author: sdr 03 November 2016 05:50:40AM *  0 points [-]

Additional to that, you might want to consider posting larger completed stand-alone works directly into the discussion section as a link for discussion, feedback, and good karma.

Comment author: ArisKatsaris 01 November 2016 11:40:23PM 0 points [-]

Other Media Thread

Comment author: sdr 02 November 2016 01:03:00AM 0 points [-]

The Oatmeal: How to be perfectly unhappy <- This reminds me of On the unpopularity of cryonics: life sucks, but at least then you die

| Most people have a very limited range of interests and possibilities for gratification. This problem cannot be fixed for most by giving them more money, or even more money and autonomy. Do that, and they will drown themselves in what they already have, or kill themselves with drugs. How many cars, planes, and pairs of shoes or houses can you really gain joy from?

Happiness doesn't scale. Being engaged does.

Comment author: ArisKatsaris 01 November 2016 11:41:00PM 0 points [-]

Online Videos Thread

Comment author: sdr 02 November 2016 12:14:04AM 0 points [-]

AMV short: Nostromo's newest: AMV - Nostromo - Umbrella Corp

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