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In response to An Alien God
Comment author: Anonymous11 02 November 2007 02:54:45PM 2 points [-]

Gotta love that watchmaker analogy. Turns out the human circadian (sleep-wake) rhythm is a little bit over 24 hours long - more like 24:11, so your body is always pushing you to go to sleep 11 minutes later every day. (Thankfully it tends to synchronize with light and darkness, so it doesn't get too far off schedule.) That's some nice watchmaking there, God.

In response to comment by Anonymous11 on An Alien God
Comment author: snowfarthing 24 May 2011 06:33:12PM 4 points [-]

Is that 24:11 a literal figure for every single person, or is it just an average, over a a group of individuals?

Since the day/night cycles vary all around the planet, it would make far more sense, from a design standpoint, to worry more about the synchronization mechanism, than to get the exact sleep-wake rhythm correct.