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Comment author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 31 August 2008 03:52:19AM 7 points [-]

Pdf, Nick Bostrom thinks that the Oracle AI concept might be important, so every year or so I take it out, check it again, and ask myself how much safety it would buy. (Nick Bostrom being one of the few people around who I don't disagree with lightly, even in my own field.) Although this should properly be called a Friendly Oracle AI, since you're not skipping any of the theoretical work, any of the proofs, or any of the AI's understanding of "should".

Comment author: thetasafe 17 May 2017 02:36:39AM 0 points [-]

Sir, please tell me if the 'pdf' you're referring to as taking out every year and asking how much safety would it buy about "Oracle AI" of Sir Nick Bostrom is the same as "Thinking inside the box: using and controlling an Oracle AI" and if so, then has your perspective changed over the years given your comment dated to August, 2008 and if in case you've been referring to a 'pdf' other than the one I came across, please provide me the 'pdf' and your perspectives along. Thank you!