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Anyone in the Madison area who'd attend a talk on Acausal Trade on Sunday?

2 wobster109 24 July 2015 03:15AM

Hi, I'm deciding if we have enough people to have Joshua Fox give a talk on Acausal Trade on Sunday evening. Anyone in the Madison area who'd be interested?

Comment author: redding 10 May 2015 08:28:35PM 1 point [-]

I'm tentatively interested. I live about an hour east of Madison, but as a college student this is really only relevant during the summer. I'll take a look at potential (cheap) transportation.

Comment author: wobster109 12 May 2015 05:31:54AM 1 point [-]

Thanks for posting! I'm working on getting a Facebook group up, and all events will be posted there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/783506698431372/

Check there for events and see if any of it works for you. If you don't mind my asking, where do you live? I'm very fond of driving and could possibly transport you for a weekend visit.

Comment author: Ishaan 10 May 2015 08:53:48PM 1 point [-]

I don't live there anymore, sadly, but I'm glad you're reviving it because it was really fun! (I assume you still have the old mailing list in case any of the old crowd is still in town?)

Comment author: wobster109 12 May 2015 05:29:58AM 1 point [-]

Yep, I have the old mailing list! I'll definitely include the whole mailing list once I get a Facebook group and some plans set up. ^^

Looking to restart Madison LW meetups, in need of regulars

5 wobster109 10 May 2015 03:20AM

Hi everyone,

We haven't been having regular meetups in Madison, WI for a while (as far as I'm aware), so I'd love to get those going again! Organizing is actually terrifying for me: what if only one person comes, and that person is disappointed? So I'm looking for regulars. All you have to do is commit to attending one or two events a month, things like nature hikes, study halls, and brunches. I'll provide food, drink, optional cats for petting, and transportation with enough advance notice. Please email me if you're interested (wobster0109@gmail.com).

Thanks a bunch, have a fun weekend!

Comment author: Gondolinian 12 March 2015 08:17:50PM *  10 points [-]

It looks like chapter 47 is where Draco tells Harry about Narcissa's death, and I'm not seeing anything about Lucius' being an eyewitness. The chapter seems to imply that Lucius was told, just like everyone else:

"Draco," Harry said, he let all of the hoarseness into his own voice, it would be wrong to sound calm, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry for asking, but I have to know, how do you know it was Dumble-"

"Dumbledore said he did it, he told Father it was a warning! And Father couldn't testify under Veritaserum because he was an Occlumens, he couldn't even get Dumbledore put on trial, Father's own allies didn't believe him after Dumbledore just denied everything in public, but we know, the Death Eaters know, Father wouldn't have any reason to lie about that, Father would want us to take revenge on the right person, can't you see that Harry?" Draco's voice was wild.

Comment author: wobster109 17 March 2015 09:32:18PM 0 points [-]

My understanding was Lucius came home and "found" Narcissa burned in the remnants of the house, or at least remembered doing so. It just doesn't make sense that a clever, cunning man (who brought Draco to see Death Note and criticized the plot) would find no trace of his wife and, knowing Dumbledore to be famously soft-hearted, would just unquestioningly believe that story.

Comment author: wobster109 12 March 2015 07:36:23PM -1 points [-]

Oh. Dumbledore must have memory-charmed Lucius.

Comment author: kilobug 10 March 2015 10:59:53PM 0 points [-]

If I remember well, it's not just "person", but information. I can't use a Time Turner to go 6 hours back to the past, give a piece of paper to someone (or an information to that person), and have that person goes back for 6 more hours.

So while it is an interesting hypothesis, it would require no information to be carried... and isn't the fact that the Stone still exists and works an information in itself ? Or that's nitpicking ?

Comment author: wobster109 11 March 2015 04:56:10PM 3 points [-]

My feeling is things that are overwhelmingly likely do not get treated as information. For example, Harry's clothes go with him, but "Time" doesn't consider that to be information of his clothes still existing. It feels like that there's a Deus ex Machina aspect to how "Time" works and deals with information. Sometimes when you try to time-turn you just encounter Paradox.

So based on that I'd predict that if you try to time-turn with intention to get more uses out of the stone, you will encounter Paradox.

Comment author: kilobug 10 March 2015 07:46:35PM 12 points [-]

Hum, did Harry suddenly forget about Time-Turners ? Or is he afraid what will happen if people "abuses" from them with the Stone ?

The Stone takes 234 seconds. That's 86400/234 = 369 people/day if you have "normal" 24 hours a day. But if you have 30 hours a day, as you do with a Time-Turner, it's actually 461 people you can heal each day.

Comment author: wobster109 10 March 2015 09:00:58PM 4 points [-]

There's a limit on a person going back, but I don't know about things. So maybe a bunch of people with time-turners could hand off the stone.

Comment author: MarkusRamikin 10 March 2015 07:51:29PM *  6 points [-]

Hm, any particular reason, if Harry is already discussing other vulnerable info like having a transfigured Voldemort, he won't fess up to the part where Quirrel was Voldemort and that he won single-handedly?

I gotta say, I've been wanting to know what intelligent people like Moody and Amelia made of Harry's derp story, and hoping that it wouldn't turn out that "Eliezer wants us to believe that everyone in Magical Britain really is that stupid" - and I got precisely what I wished for. Great!

Comment author: wobster109 10 March 2015 08:59:33PM 0 points [-]

My feeling is Harry doesn't want everyone knowing that he, 11-year-old warrior of light, killed 36 death eaters. People would always be wondering if you were evil after that.

Comment author: wobster109 10 March 2015 08:53:30PM 10 points [-]

Harry, hurry up and read the instructions Voldie left you. You know, find out what dark sacrifice is needed before you make plans to revive Hermione yet again. If it requires a human sacrifice you might consider pacing the dementors out.

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