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42 Post author: komponisto 13 December 2009 04:16AM

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Comment author: Jack 13 December 2009 01:05:17PM *  6 points [-]

Can anyone find statistics that could tell us what is the probability the crime scene at any given murder contains physical evidence sufficient to indicate a suspect? I would expect it to be around .8-.9 but I don't really have any idea. I'm not convinced that that probability is high enough to completely outweigh the probability that AK and RS had something to do with the crime given that

  • they knew the victim

  • are sociable 21 and 24-year-olds (one of them studying abroad) without alibis on a Saturday night

  • the probability that Guede did not act alone (which is high or low depending on how well his presence explains all the evidence at the crime scene with a prior involving the chances any given murder involves more than one perpetrator) Obviously the absence of other physical evidence is evidence that he acted alone, so this value is the probability dictated by the other evidence, rearranged crime scene, broken windows etc.

  • the facts about the morning of November 2, the non-negligible probability RS called the police after the police had arrived, the short phone calls, even the weird behavior that can be explained, which once conjoined, looks like it is at least slightly indicative of being involved in Kercher's murder.

I don't think this is actually sufficient evidence to bring the probability AK and RS are guilty over .5. But it also isn't obvious to me that this evidence is "swamped" by the lack of physical evidence implicating them.

Comment author: Questor 16 December 2009 02:29:14AM 0 points [-]

The phone timing is widely touted as some sort of proof. The postal police actually cannot establish the exact timing that is claimed. there is apparently surveillance camera footage with a time stamp that shows them still en route by car at the time RS made the call. The discrepancy is no more than a few minutes but if this is true it shows either uncertainty or something closer to tweaking facts to discredit RS. I am looking for where I originally saw this as it is actually very important to impeach the police version.

And prior to the call to the regular police RS made a call to his sister-in-law who is a policewoman. And the postal police as far as I know did not mention RS making a call after they came... or if they did it conflicts with the video of them driving there.

Comment author: Jack 16 December 2009 05:04:38AM 0 points [-]

Thus "non-negligible probability".