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15 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 09 March 2009 08:03AM

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Comment author: theotetia 09 March 2009 06:36:08PM 3 points [-]

I'm a lifelong atheist trying to see my way clear to [one of the more serious branches of] Christianity. Eliezer's posts, especially, have helped me draw my map of the strengths and limitations of rationalism. I'm not here to troll, I'm here to learn.

Comment author: Marcello 09 March 2009 06:45:11PM 3 points [-]

A phrase like trying to see my way clear to should be a giant red flag. If you're trying to accept something then you must have some sort of motivation. If you have the motivation to accept something because you actually believe it is true, then you've already accepted it. If you have that motivation for some other reason, then you're deceiving yourself.

Comment author: theotetia 09 March 2009 06:59:18PM 5 points [-]

I want it because it's beautiful, but I won't take it unless it's true.

Comment author: danlowlite 30 November 2010 02:49:50PM 0 points [-]

Truth has a beauty all its own.

Not that false things can't have beauty, but we usually call those things art.