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16 Post author: Larks 25 August 2010 06:14AM

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Comment author: Larks 06 September 2010 08:05:29PM *  10 points [-]

Well, we all survived, and only one injury (a tooth). It was pretty awesome, all told. We trecked through a dust storm with 5ft visibility and ran into another group of Bayesians in the Sandstorm, forming an epic fellowship.

Next year, of course, will be even better. We might even remember to bring cutlery.

Comment author: [deleted] 08 September 2010 04:30:39AM 3 points [-]

Excellent! Where was this other group camped?

For the record, I didn't need to find my fellow conspirators; they found me. I was sitting though some of Future Camp's lectures when I found myself surrounded by hooded figures, familiar symbols drawn on their garbs. They lured me off to their camp, leaving behind JustinShovelain to collect information in my absence. We all played a sleepy game of Nomic in the shade, and meanwhile I may have been an unwitting pawn in a larger, life-or-death game concerning paperclips. It was very pleasant!

Comment author: Kevin 28 December 2017 10:28:24AM 0 points [-]

The idea that Bayes Camp could have been the most awesome thing at Burning Man is funny to me, looking back on this.