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126 Post author: Alicorn 08 February 2011 03:17AM

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Comment author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 09 February 2011 05:54:05AM 16 points [-]

I use Dvorak. It's no faster and no more accurate, but it does tire out your fingers a whole lot less, and just typing one sentence in Dvorak will enable you to see why. I switched to Dvorak after a bout of RSI, and the RSI never came back.

Comment author: [deleted] 11 February 2011 06:26:22AM *  3 points [-]


Comment author: handoflixue 15 February 2011 09:59:56PM 2 points [-]

If you work someplace that allows you basic administrator privileges, or just has a friendly systems administrator, it isn't very difficult to change the keyboard layout in Windows. It can be set on a software level, or you could just bring a Dvorak keyboard in to work.

Unfortunately, half the jobs I've had wouldn't allow this, so it's not a guaranteed solution. And the software switch is only useful if you have a cover you can throw over the existing keyboard, or can touch-type sufficiently well.

Still, don't think being employed eliminates the Dvorak option. I looked in to it just recently to make sure that learning Dvorak wouldn't give me too much of a headache at work :)

Comment author: [deleted] 17 February 2011 03:13:57PM *  1 point [-]


Comment author: David_Gerard 09 February 2011 08:52:02AM -1 points [-]

That's actually something I've never seen pointed out about Dvorak - every comparison seems to be about the speed relative to QWERTY. (Oh, the Wikipedia article mentions it in the first paragraph.)