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88 Post author: lukeprog 28 March 2011 07:31PM

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Comment author: lukeprog 13 July 2012 04:58:53AM 11 points [-]

Your dream has come true.

Comment author: [deleted] 13 July 2012 05:41:24AM 2 points [-]

Happiness is too general a term to express my current state of mind.

May the karma flow through you like so many grains of sand through a sieve.

Comment author: wedrifid 13 July 2012 05:50:06AM 0 points [-]

May the karma flow through you like so many grains of sand through a sieve.

Not quite sure how this one works. Usually I associate sieve with "leaking like a sieve", generally a bad thing---do you want all his karma to be assassinated away as fast as it comes?

Comment author: [deleted] 13 July 2012 06:03:17AM 2 points [-]

Oh, no. Lukeprog is the sieve, and the grains of sand are whatever fraction of a hedon he gets from being upvoted.

Comment author: gmpalmer 10 December 2012 02:23:43PM *  0 points [-]

I hope this is corrected later in the paper and my apologies if this is a stupid question but could you please explain how the example of gum chewing and abscesses makes sense?

That is, in the explanation you are making your decision based on evidence. Indeed, you'd be happy--or anyone would be happy--to hear you're chewing gum once the results of the second study are known. How is that causal and not evidential?

I see later in the paper that gum chewing is evidence for the CGTA gene but that doesn't make any sense. You can't change whether or not you have the gene and the gum chewing is better for you at any rate. Still confused about the value of the gum chewing example.