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42 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 30 March 2009 11:10AM

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Comment author: komponisto 24 November 2010 09:46:36PM 5 points [-]

"Classical" isn't one genre, not even a bit.

It sure isn't. "Genres" are things like the symphony, the string quartet, and the piano sonata. "Classical" is a period in history.

Comment author: David_Gerard 26 November 2010 02:13:04PM *  0 points [-]

Ah, I should clarify again - I'm speaking of "genre" as "marketing term used by people as if it carves art at the joints" - what you see on the cards if you walk into a record shop. All the jargon in this space is overloaded. See clarification above re: term "culturally irrelevant".

(And off-topic: got links to your music please? I'm interested now. dgerard at gmail dot com.)